My Favorite Quotes
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 Ken Abosch - “Most employees view base salary as a barometer of their worth, so thinking about a steady decrease in the amount of money being provided to them has had a psychological impact. That's why organizations looked to variable pay as a way to counteract that -- until recently.”
 Ken Abosch - “The good news is that after seeing very significant reduced spending overall, companies are projecting a slight recovery for 2003.”
 Ken Abosch - “They're seeing that as a way to reduce their costs in some places. Some might think employers are taking a Scrooge mentality, but they're putting it into a different form.”
 Ken Abosch - “Variable pay is designed to help employees concentrate on company goals and objectives, while eliminating 'entitlement' issues that often arise with a holiday bonus.”
 Ken Abosch - “Employers recognize that the value in tying awards to performance, as opposed to the holidays, better connects employees to the company's goals and objectives, eliminates 'entitlement' issues, and leads to increased productivity and improved business results.”
 Robert Bosch - “I don't pay good wages because I have a lot of money I have a lot of money because I pay good wages.”