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 Freddie DeBose - “To visualize it here in South Carolina, it would be like Garden City or Surfside flattened.”
 Freddie DeBose - “I tried very hard not to cripple the city. I tried to select men that wouldn't cripple their families and give them hardships.”
 Jason Barbose - “We know the solutions are there. We see clean and simple (ways to protect) public health here in Michigan.”
 Amar Bose - “The excitement level for me working on projects is really not a bit different from when I was 26.”
 Amar Bose - “I'm forming a charitable institution for education.”
 Amar Bose - “I really wanted to do research. That has never changed.”
 Amar Bose - “I had studied violin from age 7 to 14.”
 Tate Kubose - “The intuitive notion is that production talking would be harder than comprehension, so we thought production might have a larger detriment to driving performance.”
 Caronica DeBose - “You know, I haven't even though about it. I have not even thought about it.”
 Chris DuBose - “We are right about where we thought we would be. The five games we won, it's been by a double-figure margin. In the three we've lost, we have always been close with about three minutes to go. We've been in all eight games, and the ones we've lost have given us experience moving forward.”
 Caronica DeBose - “We just had a tough time getting it started. We can't get down early like that in the first quarter because all that does is take away energy of trying to get back into the game.”
 Amar Bose - “But today the quickest way to save your bottom line is to cut off research.”
 Sudeshna Bose - “A meeting of the Academic Council (AC) has been scheduled for Monday, while a meeting of the Governing Council (GC) has been scheduled for September 14. We decided to open up the Academic Department for two days - today and tomorrow - to facilitate the meeting of the AC.”
 Freddie DeBose - “The living conditions down there are horrible, but with what we have to accomplish, we'll be working so hard we won't be concerned with ourselves. We've seen the pictures on TV and we've seen the still photos in newspapers and so forth, but until you go and travel those streets and see everything yourself, you cannot imagine or comprehend what has happened down there. It's gut-wrenching.”
 Freddie DeBose - “Some of the water system is up and running, but they haven't gotten water to a point to where the customers can use it or even boil it for use.”
 Amar Bose - “We learned the value of research in World War II.”
 Sudeshna Bose - “Yesterday, the AC promised us that the schedule will be fixed and proper guidelines will be framed by the end of the month.”
 Amar Bose - “The prejudice was so bad in the United States at that time that a dark person with a white person would not be served in a restaurant. My father, mother, and I would try it occasionally. We would sit there, and the food would never come.”
 Mike DuBose - “When you hear the Ole Miss people, they talk about (Vaught) the same way we talk about coach Bryant. He's a man's man and a coach's coach. He found a way to win, and he did it the right way.”
 Amar Bose - “All military and most commercial aircraft use our designs that process power from jet engines.”
 Sugata Bose - “Since he ultimately managed to swing the loyalty of the Indian soldiers to the national cause from the King Emperor, they had all the reasons to contemplate the worst.”
 Mike DuBose - “It's more about the love of the game, and I don't mean to put that part of it down. There's nothing wrong with wanting to go to the National Football League. ... (But) there's something appealing to me to see guys working, sacrificing of themselves because they love the game.”
 Mike DuBose - “Based on what I've seen, if they continue to play at the level they're playing at ... especially running the football the way they do offensively, they'll be a difficult team to beat.”
 Caronica DeBose - “This gives us a chance to stay sharp over the holidays, with the long break. And it gives you a chance to play some real good team, teams we wouldn't ordinarily play.”
 Jason Barbose - “The proof is in the pudding. Don't let today's visit disguise the fact that the president's energy plan still centers on subsidizing the coal and nuclear industry to build more dirty and dangerous power.”

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