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 Chris Bosh - “Winning always helps, but this is my situation. I can't really help how things are. To me, it's all about the future, so I think what I do from here on out will dictate being selected.”
 Chris Bosh - “That's what I think the move is for, for future references. If we have space to sign guys, that would be a plus.”
 Chris Bosh - “It's frustrating, but four games, we just have to find some way to win. We're not taking much solace out of anything.”
 Chris Bosh - “We don't want to give up points in the paint,”
 Chris Bosh - “I'll be honest with you, it feels really good to come back from a tough situation, a sluggish first half and still capitalize down the stretch. We have been losing a lot of fights down the stretch.”
 Chris Bosh - “Sometimes when I have a 1-on-1 advantage and teams don't do a good job of either doubling or clogging the paint, that works to my advantage.”
 Chris Bosh - “It's really special. When I was in the second grade, I watched the Dream Team it was a special time for me.”
 Chris Bosh - “We should have better prepared ourselves mentally. We weren't ready for it and by the time we realized it, it was too late.”
 Chris Bosh - “That goes to show ourselves and the fans that when we play the right way, it's tough for teams to come here and win. We knew we could score every time. We were pretty much scoring at will in the first half.”
 Chris Bosh - “That's free points. You're going to have to reward yourself for taking it hard to the lane and putting pressure on their big guys, putting them in foul trouble and making them pay.”
 Chris Bosh - “I don't understand it. I guess it comes with experience.”
 Chris Bosh - “I'm nervous. I just hope they call my name. I don't talk much about it. I just wait.”
 Chris Bosh - “We still had our chance to win the game. We just missed open shots down the stretch. That happens. But with experience comes wisdom. If we keep being in situations like this, eventually we'll learn to get better.”
 Chris Bosh - “We know it's been a tough season, but we have a good group of guys that work hard every day. Thank you for your support and we look forward to next season.”
 Chris Bosh - “You look at the replay and you let me know if that was a foul. Everybody keeps saying it's OK, but you got to draw the line sometime. I got fed up with it. I'm not saying what I did was wrong. I think it helped us out.”
 Chris Bosh - “We believe in ourselves and I believe in everybody here, that we can prove everybody wrong.”
 Chris Bosh - “The mood always lightens after a win. People are nicer, the food tastes better, practice is a lot more fun,”
 Chris Bosh - “It's very much night and day, ... Last year I was more of a surprise when I started doing well in mid-season. At that point people started saying, 'OK, now we have to do something.'”
 Chris Bosh - “It's very good motivation because that kind of brings us together,”
 Chris Bosh - “We definitely have to shoot our free throws better because if make our free throws it's a little different ballgame.”
 Chris Bosh - “They basically told me I have the right to be more vocal, you have the right to push everybody else when some guys are slacking off some days. They want me to do a better job of getting on them and demanding the best of them, because that's what all the great players do, they demand the best out of their teammates, and make everybody better.”
 Chris Bosh - “I won't let that spook me too much. I know I can make that. I can shoot high percentage from there.”
 Chris Bosh - “Honestly, it's bothersome. But we have a game (tonight) and a chance to prove to ourselves that we can play harder.”
 Chris Bosh - “We play in our position. If we're tied, we play like we're tied if we're behind, we play like we're behind. We don't have a constant intensity and that's what we have to keep working on. We've got to learn.”
 Chris Bosh - “They executed well, they made a bunch of tough shots. When you play a team like that, you look at them, and you can learn a lot.”

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