My Favorite Quotes
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 David Bositis - “They can't be much more united than in the past -- it's nearly impossible -- but they will certainly be unified.”
 David Bositis - “Republicans have gone to that trough so many times that it's getting to be an old story. It's not as popular as it once was.”
 David Bositis - “Regardless of the issues, African-Americans aren't going to vote Republican because they don't trust the Republican Party.”
 David Bositis - “In airing the spots nationally, the GOP is making an acknowledgment that the years when they could use race negatively, they're over, ... Now the Republican Party knows they have to change.”
 David Bositis - “Rita was Bush putting on a show. Bush and his people took a lot of heavy hits in their response to Katrina. They wanted to be sure that this time around they projected an image of effectiveness.”
 David Bositis - “potentially make Texas more competitive in the not-too-distant future.”
 David Bositis - “Republicans always think that if they make some small outreach gestures, that African Americans will applaud their good intentions, ... They still don't understand that African Americans would look at those Bush moves and conclude 'Those people really don't like us.'”
 David Bositis - “A felony conviction is almost like an economic death sentence.”
 David Bositis - “Among younger blacks there is a consistent attraction to private accounts and we have seen it for some time.”
 David Bositis - “For a big portion of the African-Americans, there's not better education. There have been some gains made, but it's uneven. A lot of whites basically say 'The civil rights movement has been done. I don't want to hear about it anymore.”
 David Bositis - “Politically, the group that has gained the most after the civil rights movement was white Southern conservatives. They have transformed the Republican Party, which has become the dominant political party.”
 David Bositis - “Officials should have realized that the poor were not going to be able to evacuate the way everybody evacuated and some special provisions should have involved community leaders, ... People in those poor, black communities in New Orleans don't trust the government very much. If pastors, doctors and other trusted leaders had been involved, they would have pressured for a plan for people who rely on public transportation.”
 David Bositis - “Will Al Gore get the black vote Yeah. Will Gore have to worry and make sure those voters turn out Yeah, he has to worry a lot.”
 David Bositis - “It's not just the way the Bush administration responded to Katrina, but events afterwards. There's too much history.... The center of gravity of the Republican Party is white Southerners, the group African-Americans trust the least.”