My Favorite Quotes
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 Brian Bosma - “This wasn't even an issue 20 years ago. You didn't even think about it, ... Today, we look at people with mental health issues differently.”
 Brian Bosma - “There are some folks up in northern Indiana who are waiting for public opinion on this matter to be reinforced.”
 Brian Bosma - “It is not a question of whether we retain the majority in 2006, but how strong that majority will be,”
 Brian Bosma - “There's a moral imperative of assisting these families in the way that they believe is best and, second, it has the added benefit of being a very fiscally sound program, ... I'm certain if we do this, some schools will choose to concentrate in this, which will bring the cost to educate students down for the state.”
 Brian Bosma - “My personal belief is there has to be a master designer who has placed life on Earth, ... The question is, do we require that to be taught as part of the curriculum in science class That's a tough question.”
 Brian Bosma - “The people jumping out now who are critical of the idea are ahead of the political curve. And people saying 'yes' now may be ahead of the curve, as well, ... We just don't know enough about it to make a decision.”