My Favorite Quotes
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 Dave Bosso - “We needed to stay within the offense. In a sense its pick your poison because we have two very solid players inside with Jeremy (Thompson) and Kyle. We did a pretty good job working the ball. Doran did a good job distributing.”
 Dave Bosso - “My first feeling was just happiness for these guys. They worked through a long season, 28 games, some ups and downs. We figured it out and put it together at the end.”
 Dave Bosso - “We tried to double him and at times were unable to rotate quick enough. I thought maybe it would disrupt his game.”
 Dave Bosso - “When (Bloomfield) started going up and down the floor, we were forced to press and it opened the game up for them. Yesterday we had about 20 guys in practice yelling, Back, whenever a shot went up.”
 Dave Bosso - “This is, from top to bottom, a very good league. You have to be ready to play every night. The ruggedness of this league, I think, helps teams to get ready to play in the state tournament. No question it prepares us better.”
 Dave Bosso - “The seniors are all classy individuals who have worked hard since day one. We were able to start all five during the Senior Night game. The guys who had not been starting definitely earned it. And I was proud of them.”
 Dave Bosso - “We played very well. It was important that we end the season on a high note after losing to RHAM. I thought we put together a really good response tonight. For whatever reason, we responded very well to the RHAM loss.”
 Dave Bosso - “Now that the regular season is over and we have our first playoff win, maybe we can challenge those teams above us in the league playoffs. But in any case, I think we'll be ready to play in the state tournament.”
 Dave Bosso - “We're not as disciplined on either offense or defense as I think we should be. In key spots against good teams, that hurts us.”
 Dave Bosso - “We need everyone to continue working hard on both the offensive and defensive ends so we can be eight, nine or 10 guys deep.”
 Dave Bosso - “Were a solid conference and kind of beat up on each other night in and night out. If it means a few more losses to get results such as this, Im giving credit to the conference.”
 Dave Bosso - “One of the themes we always discuss is to be mentally tough because we know the conference is a grind. (Going into Monday) the conference was 14-1 combined in the state tournaments. It might be the best percentage of all the conferences in the state. That says a lot about the level of competition we see every night.”
 Dave Bosso - “They have set a good example by being positive throughout the season. A few of the guys who don't play as much are extremely supportive of those who do in both practices and games. They have realized what being a teammate means and this is a good example for our underclassmen. The younger players definitely appreciate their efforts and they respect the commitment they have made to the team. This is certainly an indication of their character.”
 Dave Bosso - “I hesitate to say there was a letdown, since we did have two solid practices (after the Northwest Catholic game), but we have to get the mindset that everything is earned every point, every rebound, every accolade. It would be foolish to expect just to show up. We have to play the game, and especially in this conference, the match-up on paper is meaningless.”
 Dave Bosso - “I smiled from ear to ear when I saw him the first day of school this year. He'd grown about four inches. He's really improved tremendously. He's got a great work ethic. He's just a monster inside. He draws a lot of fouls. He draws a lot of attention. He's a pleasant surprise this year.”