My Favorite Quotes
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 Devron Bostick - “I really liked and enjoyed the campus. I liked the coaches, I liked the players and the overall environment. I was really impressed with what the school had to offer on an overall scale. I thought it was a clean and very nice campus.”
 Devron Bostick - “Last year, we were still jumping around at this time.”
 Devron Bostick - “I was just feeling it. Every time I touched the ball, I felt great. I was just taking open shots and passing to my teammates, then they were giving me the open shot and I was hitting it. They weren't guarding me - they let me go.”
 Jackie Bostick - “This is the first time Rhapsody will be available on mobile phones.”
 Jackie Bostick - “Some people will pay a premium for the convenience of not having to wait till they get home to download music. They get instant access without any cables to get tangled up in.”
 Jackie Bostick - “We're not going head-to-head for hard-core music collectors. It's for the mass market. Much like we did with camera phones, this is an opportunity for Sprint to put digital music players in the hands of people who don't have one today.”
 Jackie Bostick - “Music is by far consistently one of the top channels. We've seen demand and interest continue in that space.”
 Devron Bostick - “Sometimes we play around too much, but we're learning to be more mature and we have to stay focused if we want to make it all the way. We're not done yet.”