My Favorite Quotes
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 Johan Botha - “I had to bowl at my normal pace for the tests.”
 Johan Botha - “I think the general consensus is that five percent is maybe not enough, and that we should at least look at seven percent or maybe slightly lower which is also difficult. And if we can get that, and it is still a question of, that it must be sustained over time, I will perhaps even talk decades rather than years, so I would think if we can get growth of six-, seven percent for two decades, then I think the unemployment situation will be under control.”
 Johan Botha - “And at the same time we have gone through a whole period of restructuring the economy, of opening up the economy and bring with that huge competition from all over the world. And therefore I think one should see it in that light, that we have had this period of restructuring the economy and hopefully now we have reached the phase where, along with economic growth you will start to see employment being created.”
 Johan Botha - “South Africa have been doing well so far, but they've let themselves down by dropping a few catches.”