My Favorite Quotes
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 Denise Bottcher - “It very well could be innocent. It very well could be a whole bunch of nothing. It's important that the record is always set straight.”
 Denise Bottcher - “No one got confirmation that she was napping. There was no time for napping.”
 Denise Bottcher - “There was no time for napping.”
 Denise Bottcher - “We're seeing what absolutely needs to be in the call as an urgent matter and what can perhaps wait until January.”
 Denise Bottcher - “We wanted soldiers, helicopters, food and water. They wanted to negotiate an organizational chart.”
 Denise Bottcher - “I don't believe it's appropriate given the urgent nature and need to drop water and food.”
 Denise Bottcher - “They pulled the Jefferson Parish phone numbers along with the Jefferson Davis Parish numbers. Once they realized their mistake, they stopped the calls in Jefferson.”
 Denise Bottcher - “We want to make sure that there is accountability.”
 Denise Bottcher - “We have a horrible image because of political corruption. There is no doubt that Louisiana is going to have to earn the trust and confidence of this nation.”
 Denise Bottcher - “There's no way to give any sort of estimate on what that cost would be. FEMA is responsible for reimbursement.”
 Denise Bottcher - “She would lose control when she had been in control from the very beginning.”
 Denise Bottcher - “The mandatory evacuation order was never reversed quite the contrary.”
 Denise Bottcher - “The mandatory evacuation order was never reversed - quite the contrary.”
 Denise Bottcher - “It is my understanding that the soldiers will have the choice of either going home and working or going into the eight affected areas for the remainder of their mission.”
 Denise Bottcher - “If New Orleans politicians can't talk about recovery and progress, then how can they expect Washington or the rest of the nation to care This is about bringing all of Louisiana's leaders together to look at the progress that's been made since the last legislative session and to continue forward.”
 Denise Bottcher - “All that is still occurring, and people are now reducing it to politics and shifting it to the blame game. It's sad that human tragedy is being reduced to politics.”