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 Richard Boucher - “will help ensure that we have a more open and credible result this time.”
 Richard Boucher - “At the same time, we think it would not be helpful to expel him because it would just give him another stage to play on.”
 Richard Boucher - “If North Korea wants something or wants to do something, then it's time for them to sit down in the multilateral discussions that we've proposed.”
 Richard Boucher - “People at posts were looking forward to having their families back with them, and at that time we operated on the best security information we had.”
 Rachelle Boucher - “A lot of my success has come from being blessed by God for my talent. A lot of my coaching has gotten me to where I am. Everybody can work harder. I put in a lot of time and a lot of summers. If it's something you really want, you should go for it. Have some fun, but you have to work hard. It will pay off.”
 Richard Boucher - “At a time when Iraq continues to defy the U.N. sanctions regime ... France, a permanent member of the U.N. Security Council, has allowed a flight to Iraq in blatant violation of U.N. sanctions resolutions.”
 Brian Boucher - “I'm accustomed to playing a little bit more than I have, so it's been a bit of an adjustment for me. You want to compete and you want to contribute in a team setting. That's what can be frustrating for anybody who wants to help out. But at the same time, you've got to stay patient.”
 Richard Boucher - “We have been aware for some time of North Korea's illicit activities,”
 Mark Boucher - “On the last tour we went to Holland after winning at Lord's and we celebrated for a while. The trip did get a bit out of hand - and it had got out of hand the last two times we have been.”
 Richard Boucher - “I know what you're referring to. I'm just not in a position to comment on it in any way on the reports that came out today.”
 Richard Boucher - “They stressed the importance of building on progress made at the Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade ... They also talked about how to further enhance the economictrade relationship, and we discussed some of the issues that are of particular importance to us in terms of access to the Chinese market.”
 Richard Boucher - “So it's an open question as to whether one will be able to say that they got a fair trial or not, particularly given what we know about the Chinese legal system.”
 Richard Boucher - “complained about inadequate access to him to prepare his defense, and lack of transparency in his trial.”
 Philippe Boucher - “Marty was huge. That's the Marty we know and the Marty we trust. He's an aggressive, confident guy. He's been a rock back there for us all year.”
 Mark Boucher - “In the past our crowds haven't been too great with them but trust me, we're not going to sit back and say, shame, poor things'.”
 Richard Boucher - “to talk more about the situation and try to understand these conditions better.”
 Richard Boucher - “We understand that conceding to terrorists will only endanger all members of the multinational force as well as other countries who are contributing to Iraqi reconstruction and humanitarian assistance.”
 Richard Boucher - “We urge all parties to fully honor the agreements negotiated by NATO and the European Union,”
 Richard Boucher - “The embassy strongly urges all American citizens in Saudi Arabia to be especially vigilant when they're in any area perceived to be American or Western.”
 Richard Boucher - “That process needs to be respected by all Haitians, but we're glad to see the violence is decreasing. But the rebels have no role to play in this process, and they need to lay down their arms and go home.”
 Richard Boucher - “But we don't meet with terrorists. We don't meet with people who are involved in violence or fomenting violence.”
 Richard Boucher - “I have not seen anything that would--any evidence of that--that would corroborate that. There's certainly violence there that needs to be dealt with but there are also political and economic problems that sort of underlie the problem--the violence.”
 Richard Boucher - “We think such a position conveys on him certain responsibilities -- to exercise restraint where he has influence to prevent any further escalatory violence.”
 Richard Boucher - “In order for such discussions to take place, however, a climate of trust must be created through sincere efforts to end the violence and, of course, taking the wishes of the Kashmiri people into account,”
 Richard Boucher - “groups that perpetrated violence so widely and broadly against the Haitian people in recent weeks.”

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