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 Richard Boucher - “We've looked over time for a number of things, practical steps by the parties to defuse tension. We've looked for a dialogue between them, if possible, to resolve the issues.”
 Richard Boucher - “The circumstances are fairly interesting and lead to the conclusion ... that this nuclear program in Iran is not peaceful and certainly is not transparent.”
 Richard Boucher - “We've reached the conclusion that Iran is actively working to develop nuclear weapons capability.”
 Richard Boucher - “is returning to normal.”
 Richard Boucher - “no news or anything newsworthy.”
 Richard Boucher - “look into the circumstances of the procurement effort by the Iraqis, the nature of the equipment, (and) what transfers did or did not occur.”
 Richard Boucher - “I have been very careful to say we really don't know who committed this murder at this point, but we do know what effect the Syrian presence in Lebanon has,”
 Rick Boucher - “The explosive growth of the Internet has provided a means for gambling operations to evade existing anti-gambling laws. These Internet gambling websites typically operate offshore and often serve as a prime vehicle for money laundering and other criminal enterprises. Our bill sensibly updates federal law to keep pace with new technologies by bringing the Internet within the fold of the anti-gambling restrictions that govern telephones.”
 Mark Boucher - “It's one of my best moments in cricket. We always knew we'd be up against it. We tried to keep it simple, we knew we had to get a good start and Herschelle and Graeme (Smith) did fantastically well.”
 Brian Boucher - “He's acting like a man. He made a mistake and he has offered no excuses. There's something to be said for that.”
 Richard Boucher - “We will work with our allies to re-energize the sanctions. Obviously, military force always remains an option for the United States.”
 Richard Boucher - “The secretary expressed his strong support for the progress that's been made in the relationship and the hope that we could see even more progress, including on the military-to-military relationships.”
 Richard Boucher - “Syria maintains a sizable presence of military and intelligence officials in Lebanon in contravention of the U.N. Security Council Resolution 1559.”
 Richard Boucher - “Syria maintains a sizable presence of military and intelligence officials in Lebanon in contravention of the U.N. Security Council Resolution 1559,”
 Richard Boucher - “Indonesia's vice president told reporters this week that foreign military and aid groups can leave ... was intended as an estimate about how long the military part of the operation might be necessary.”
 Richard Boucher - “We call upon the government to disavow the statements made by the military to ensure that elections are free and fair.”
 Richard Boucher - “to ensure that they protected against sales and made sure that no sales were made despite Iraq's attempts to procure military equipment.”
 Richard Boucher - “We expect meetings into the night.”
 Richard Boucher - “An investigation was started within a day of these initial internal reports, and then two days after that it was announced to the media that we had received allegations, we were investigating them.”
 Richard Boucher - “It's a matter that many governments have taken strong positions on. There's been a reaction in the region, been a lot of threats made by some of the militant groups.”
 Philippe Boucher - “Some nights you score, some nights you help in little ways. That was a little way. You make your presence known at times.”
 Richard Boucher - “We're going to be here in a very significant way for a long time to come... we know that the only way to make this region stable is to have Afghanistan succeed in the long term.”
 Richard Boucher - “When we see Israel suffering these horrible bombings, when we see this kind of violence threatening once again to make progress more difficult, we're keeping in touch with the other players.”
 Richard Boucher - “The Israelis need to understand that incursions like this will not solve the security problems. They only make matters worse. As a consequence, we believe the Israelis should withdraw their forces from this area.”
 Richard Boucher - “We are actively considering all these legal issues and trying to work with the other governments involved to make sure that their concerns are satisfied,”

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