My Favorite Quotes
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 Kevin Bouis - “That's what everyone talked about. If you need a good two-way player, sign Bruce. He's versatile, and that's why we jumped on him.”
 Kevin Bouis - “Stats, we were toe-to-toe. It's the turnovers and the mental part. We gotta soul search a little and find the little things we did wrong.”
 Kevin Bouis - “I told them to check themselves to see whose heart is in it and play. Our Wednesday night practice was our best all season, especially on defense. We were all upbeat, flying around and having fun on the football field.”
 Kevin Bouis - “Last year, we had a lot of (arena) veterans and I pretty much knew who I was going to cut going into camp. This year, I don't know. I can't tell you who will be released. I was going down the list today and I don't know who's going to make it and who's not.”
 Kevin Bouis - “I was too easy on them in training camp. So I made a point of doing conditioning.”
 Kevin Bouis - “I think this is the most talented training camp roster we've ever had but not in terms of (arena) experience. We're going to see how they pick up the arena game and adapt. The guys who can pick up the game, that's who we're going to go with.”