My Favorite Quotes
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 Tucker Bounds - “The Republican Party is making important gains in a critical constituency.”
 Mickey Bounds - “We didn't play as well as I had hoped we would. Last week and this week we made some mistakes that hurt us. We did work on getting some wide open shots in our spread offense. This game will help us on down the road.”
 Hank Bounds - “This will help our schools tremendously. Their budgets have been strained, and they have had to use reserve funds to be able to reopen schools while paperwork for insurance and FEMA is being processed.”
 Hank Bounds - “This is an extraordinary time in our history. It will take an extraordinary effort from our leadership. I hope they will grasp the magnitude of the issue.”
 Tucker Bounds - “Harry Reid is the figurehead of a party that stood in steadfast obstruction to virtually all the tools that are being used to keep the American people safe and being used to help win the war on terror.”
 Mickey Bounds - “They have tremendous weapons including a better offensive line. We had to adjust to Shay Hodge but we couldn't forget about Chris Collins and the other players they have. It was a hard-fought game that either team deserved to win.”
 Mickey Bounds - “Coach Parker has done amazing things here. He has the Panthers playing hard and they have turned the corner in becoming a strong program to face. The people of Morton can be proud of Parker and what his program has accomplished.”
 Mickey Bounds - “This is the way to toughen the team and make them better. Morton has a good team that will get better every week because they are well coached.”
 Hank Bounds - “In some of those places that lost several schools, that 5 percent can be a substantial number. And when they're already cash-strapped, that's going to be a real difficult issue for them.”
 Hank Bounds - “I'm concerned about year after next. It's just going to depend on how quickly communities can rebuild, so that will have a great deal to do with how fast their revenues get back to normal.”
 Hank Bounds - “Frankly, instruction is not the primary mission right now. ... Right now we just have to take care of our children, and testing is a long way from my priority right now.”
 Tucker Bounds - “As long as Harry Reid continues to ignore his past and paint this as a partisan issue, he is going to be forced to answer questions about his own glaring hypocrisy.”