My Favorite Quotes
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 Anthony Bourdain - “I think (Travel Channel) knows it's not getting Jamie Oliver or Rachel Ray when they throw their lot in with me.”
 Anthony Bourdain - “that diplomacy is served, and order is restored to the universe.”
 Anthony Bourdain - “I like to say, this is what you should watch out for. This is what you're likely to screw up. If you do screw it up it's no big deal. In fact, I expect you to screw this up the first, and the second, and even the third time.”
 Anthony Bourdain - “They seek, consciously or not, to create a clean zone around their all-important bodies an area free of dirt, smoke, uncomfortable ideas or pleasure.”
 Anthony Bourdain - “Is there a sharper commentary on American culture and the world than The Simpsons”
 Anthony Bourdain - “Context and memory play powerful roles in all the truly great meals in one's life.”
 Anthony Bourdain - “Understand, when you eat meat, that something did die. You have an obligation to value it - not just the sirloin but also all those wonderful tough little bits.”
 Anthony Bourdain - “My house is run, essentially, by an adopted, fully clawed cat with a mean nature.”
 Anthony Bourdain - “If some Birkenstock-wearing knucklehead driving around in a SUV and wearing sneakers someone was sold into slavery to make is sniffling about the poor animals, that person is clearly never going to experience the world.”
 Anthony Bourdain - “I'm not afraid to look like a big, hairy, smelly, foreign devil in Tokyo, though I do my best not to, I really do.”
 Anthony Bourdain - “I'm not afraid to look like an idiot.”