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 Richard Bove - “Some firms are projecting 30 percent MA growth next year, after 36 percent this year. Companies are still sitting on piles of cash, and they'll get to work after the new year.”
 Richard Bove - “It's obviously a positive, because everyone I spoke to said there was no way in heaven or hell J.P. Morgan would win this case.”
 Richard Bove - “In general, this should be a mixed quarter, ... Clearly, MA is strong but the IPO market has slowed down, the equity market is weakening and the fixed income market is limping along.”
 Richard Bove - “In general, this should be a mixed quarter. Clearly, MA is strong but the IPO market has slowed down, the equity market is weakening and the fixed income market is limping along.”
 Richard Bove - “The industry is out there building branches at an extremely active clip -- a new one is slated to open every 2-12 hours until the end of 2005,”
 Richard Bove - “Mr. Oken may have lost some credibility with analysts when the bank's net interest margin dropped dramatically,”
 Richard Bove - “It's a significant amount of stock coming to market. But it's a pretty liquid stock and they've been buying back shares over time. We don't think the impact will be that significant over the long run.”
 Richard Bove - “His legacy has been tarnished dramatically in the last few years. He came in with a reputation as a brilliant strategist and he's going out as someone who couldn't manage everything he has under one roof.”
 Jose Bove - “Nuclear power is not an alternative to the energy problem, neither at the European level nor at the international level.”
 Dick Bove - “It is a kind of a way to play games with monthly payments. Stretching out the mortgage maturity is simply a way to lower month payments and stimulate sales.”
 Richard Bove - “I think they Citi's new management are actually turning this monster around.”
 Richard Bove - “because it reinforces Mr. Dimon's hand to make the changes he wants.”
 Richard Bove - “You don't make money on trades,”
 Jose Bove - “It is a pact that remains in favor of the farm export policies of the rich countries and big emerging countries ... and does little for the majority of farmers.”
 Richard Bove - “It's the luck of the draw. Goldman has the assets and the people and the technology and the products out there, and at certain times it all comes together.”
 Jose Bove - “So we have European agricultural policy financing an exporter that makes a product only for export, a poor quality product that destroys (emerging economies in destination markets).”
 Richard Bove - “Midwestern banks are accustomed to shifts in the local economies. They plan for it. However, they do not avoid it. They get hurt. Their loan losses rise. Their earnings tumble and their stock prices are impacted. It will happen again.”
 Richard Bove - “This event highlights, once again, the difficulty in determining earnings for derivative transactions.”
 Richard Bove - “It would have been difficult for Goldman not to do well. Goldman is more oriented to equities than debt, and stocks rose throughout the period.”
 Jose Bove - “Today we do not need to burn our hand in a flame to know that there is a danger, the experiments confirming the danger are more than sufficient.”
 Richard Bove - “I think that if we were talking about this kind of mortgage market four years ago, it would be a real crisis for Lehman. But today, given the kind of diversification they've done, it's nowhere near a crisis.”
 Richard Bove - “The problems in the credit card division are structural, and kind of long-term,”
 Richard Bove - “If you look at volume on the New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq over the last five years, there's been no real increase in the number of shares traded. In addition, proprietary trading has gone from 19 percent to 52 percent of that total. So you're seeing more competition for fewer individual trades.”
 Richard Bove - “It's increasingly difficult to be a regional broker. There's a lack of trade to worry about, yes, but you're also dealing with pricing weakness, competition from the big New York City companies and the universal banks that offer everything from checking accounts to financial advisory services.”
 Dick Bove - “It makes a sale of the company easier in one case and more expensive in the other.”

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