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 Jeff Bower - “We feel that this gives us a player we want and the player to add for our future that we are really, really excited about.”
 Jeff Bower - “The league is going to be very competitive this year, especially with the new teams. There are a lot of good players and good coaches in this league and it is going to be tough. We already have a lot to overcome so there is much to do to get ready for the season.”
 Jeff Bower - “You have to have a good quarterback to win a championship,”
 Jeff Bower - “It was a good year. I became closer to this team than any other team because of everything we've been through.”
 Jeff Bower - “We did a good job on converting third downs we were perfect in the red zone in scoring.”
 Jeff Bower - “He played three snaps against Alabama, but didn't feel good, ... I'm concerned about Caleb Hendrix ... We've got to get him back because he's one of our two best cornerbacks.”
 Chuck Bower - “He said he didn't want to let down his teammates and coaches by missing the tournament. It just shows you his heart is bigger than he is.”
 Jeff Bower - “I feel for him being put on hold, to be quite honest, because he's kind of in limbo right now. He's been great to deal with. He's handled it all terrific.”
 Jeff Bower - “J.R. is a valuable member of this team and someone that we have hopes for. Our hope is that he continues to develop, continues to improve and is approaching this final stretch of the season with the objectives of making a difference and with the objectives of being a part of this team and helping it get better.”
 Jeff Bower - “You hope to, but I don't know if there are any guarantees with that.”
 Jeff Bower - “He's still in the hospital and is going to need total reconstructive surgery. It's a shame because he was doing well.”
 Jeff Bower - “He's such a good player. We need to get a little more meat on him. He needs to improve his strength and weight this summer. But he's got solid feet and knows what he's doing. .. Before his career is over, he's going to be an all-conference player for us.”
 Jeff Bower - “The reason for that is we're still waiting on all the information from his physical to be evaluated and looked at closely.”
 Brent Bower - “I would have to think there are going to be a couple of late games here on out. If we advance, we are going to be playing some good teams and there are going to be some late-game situations. We've been practicing those situations the last two weeks.”
 Marvin Bower - “Decisions should be based on facts, objectively considered.”
 Jeff Bower - “I was proud of our effort. I thought we gave a winning effort in the game. We did a lot of good things, but some things we didn't do well at all.”
 Jeff Bower - “It wasn't us that didn't want to play. We always thought it was a great series. The players enjoyed playing it. We'll pick up somebody.”
 Jeff Bower - “We're going to get into a stretch where we are going to play a lot of games without time off. I think the players have handled it well. Our practices have been good. They know there's nothing anyone could've done about the games being canceled. We know we are going to play and they will be excited about playing.”
 Jeff Bower - “It's always exciting to get back on the field. It's a critical time of the year. You find out so much about your team and you're trying to improve.”
 Jeff Bower - “Obviously at this point in time, most of these kids have it narrowed down to a few schools at most. I think you just continue to sell your program. You continue to sell the strong points of your program and we think we've got a lot to sell.”
 Jeff Bower - “We do need to eliminate the 15-yard penalties, but I don't think that was a good call on roughing the passer against East Carolina. He was honest with me. I asked if he roughed the passer and he told me, 'Coach, this time I did not.' I watched the tape, and I believe him.”
 Jeff Bower - “Shawn Nelson made some big plays at critical times and that was the key to us winning. I was happy with Dustin Almond's play and he also stepped up and made several big plays.”
 Jeff Bower - “With Hurricane Katrina, our schedule was very hectic. But our guys battled through all of those times this season. After the hurricane, we became a closer football team and we rallied around each other.”
 Jeff Bower - “We had another good day today. Especially following the off day Thursday, I thought we responded well.”
 Jeff Bower - “Today was a nice follow up to the first day. Things are coming together, as we install more of our system. It will be interesting to see how we respond on Friday, after Thursday's off day.”

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