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 Jeremy Bowler - “Rising repair costs have increased the likelihood that damages exceed the vehicle's market value, causing an insurance carrier to total the vehicle rather than repair it. However, claims settlement satisfaction is considerably lower among customers who have had their vehicles totaled, often because they owe more on their vehicle loan than the settlement amount.”
 Kevin Bowler - “Our guys just tried too hard. The errors are something we can fix, but it's just a matter of time until we come around. We're a lot better than what we've showed the past couple of games.”
 Jeremy Bowler - “Erie customers report faster repair times and a higher probability of their vehicle being repaired correctly the first time. They also cite continuous contact from the provider throughout the claims process, which is critical in achieving overall satisfaction.”
 Jeremy Bowler - “Not only does the Internet provide agency and direct writers the opportunity to attract new customers, but also the opportunity to build loyalty by providing Internet-enabled self-service.”
 Steve Bowler - “The boys are starting to play together finally. We had quality goals today. It wasn't just kick it and see if it goes in. It was real quality goals.”
 Jeremy Bowler - “Consumers compelled to shop are greatly influenced by the cost of coverage to switch providers, and the Internet provides them a quick and easy way to obtain quotes from competing carriers. This price transparency presents a challenge to carriers in terms of customer retention, so many providers are building service functionality and actively promoting their own Web sites as a means of attracting and retaining customers.”
 Jeremy Bowler - “For the typical customer, their day-to-day interaction with the insurance provider has the greatest impact on their overall impression of the company and its brand. Having a dedicated local agent handling their insurance needs can be a big advantage in creating a lasting relationship between insurer and policyholder. However, some insurance customers with simple needs place less importance on a local agent and several carriers have made big strides in refining their direct communication channels with customers. GEICO, for example, has done an excellent job of attracting new customers and delivering quality service, whether through their Web sites or call centers.”
 Jeremy Bowler - “The costs of attracting new customers are exponentially higher than in keeping existing customers, so it's important for carriers to earn loyalty through customer satisfaction measures. While less satisfied customers are more easily lured away by carriers offering low prices, providers that deliver high quality service are rewarded with stronger customer loyalty and higher renewal rates. Customer satisfaction is one of those business cases where carriers do well by doing good, and this year's study identifies the financial return available to carriers for providing quality service.”
 Jeremy Bowler - “Customers want to know and have a say in what happens in the repair process of their vehicle. Basic communication between the insurance company and the customer regarding what will be done to repair their vehicle, parts types the body shop is going to use, and how long repairs will take goes a long way to increase customer satisfaction.”
 Jeremy Bowler - “On average, customers utilize an additional 1.57 products or services from their home equity lender, and the number increases substantially among lenders with satisfied customers. With this in mind, cross- selling products can be extremely beneficial for lending institutions that have been successful in satisfying their customers.”