My Favorite Quotes
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 Bob Bowlsby - “They called and notified me they'd like to talk with Steve and I noted their interest. That's all there was to it.”
 Bob Bowlsby - “I never would have taken the first step if I thought I was going to risk problems at Iowa. That was an important part of this process.”
 Bob Bowlsby - “What makes anyone jump to the conclusion that he is going anyplace We have people calling all the time, every week wanting to talk with our coaches. If you have good people, that happens.”
 Bob Bowlsby - “I have no idea when or where it will stop, ... but I do know that I don't see it happening in the foreseeable future. Every time you think it's topped out, somebody goes over it.”
 Bob Bowlsby - “We can talk until we're blue in the face, but the fact is that it's a blunt instrument. The RPI is just one of a great many tools that we use.”
 Bob Bowlsby - “We can talk until we're blue in the face, but the fact is that it's a blunt instrument, ... The RPI is just one of a great many tools that we use.”
 Bob Bowlsby - “Those contracts are usually about the worth of the ink they're written in (though).”
 Bob Bowlsby - “He has exactly the kind of fierce competitive spirit that we're looking for. I think he's exactly the right guy to put Iowa back on the traditional pedestal that we've enjoyed over so many years.”
 Bob Bowlsby - “As we do each year with every sport, we have completed an evaluation of all aspects of our wrestling program. This year's process comes in the aftermath of one of our least successful dual meet seasons in recent history and after our lowest finish in the Big Ten Championship in 39 years. Regretfully, we have come to the conclusion that it is time for new leadership within our wrestling program.”
 Bob Bowlsby - “Of all the changes we could make, the one with regard to home-versus-away games is one that your gut tells you should be incorporated, ... How we do that and in what proportions is yet to be determined, but I think it's fair to say that most people's intuition is that there ought to be some weighting for road wins.”
 Bob Bowlsby - “The best we can do now is improve on the process for selection of officiating crews to make sure we are doing what we can to avoid these situations in the future.”
 Bob Bowlsby - “There are certainly more teams that are in the pool for consideration than any year I've been involved, ... I'm sure given some of the upsets and the things that have gone on already this year, there will be many people who are making a case for themselves that they should be in the tournament field where they might have been left out in the past.”
 Bob Bowlsby - “When you see a crew that was obviously over their head in our game and obviously over their head in Michigan-Nebraska game, it will stimulate a lot of discussion.”
 Bob Bowlsby - “The challenges there are much the same as the challenges here, but there are also some major differences. Stanford isn't as dependent on gate receipts as Iowa (for example).”
 Bob Bowlsby - “We will move just as quickly and efficiently as we can to focus on those candidates around the country who possess the talent and experience to lead our program back to its traditional position of prominence within the Big Ten and at the national level.”
 Bob Bowlsby - “That's absolutely vital. The suite revenue, along with the club seats, paid for everything, 100 percent.”
 Bob Bowlsby - “This has been a very difficult last 1012 days. I have been involved in wrestling a long time. I had a short list of coaches. There were a lot of people with Iowa backgrounds and some who didn't have any ties to Iowa. It all came down to one candidate and that candidate is Tom Brands. He did a terrific job at Virginia Tech. He has a fierce, competitive spirit and that's what we are looking for.”
 Bob Bowlsby - “You have to pay what the market bears, ... and in that regard, we are no different than any other business or industry. We compete at the hospital for researchers, and we compete in a lot of areas on campus for the best people.”
 Bob Bowlsby - “Big Ten teams are sort of going on the road and playing -- not home games at the other place -- but neutral sites, where both teams can benefit financially.”
 Bob Bowlsby - “The temptation is to begin drawing conclusions, and I think that's a real mistake, because lots of things happen in the month of February and the conference tournaments, ... The process is best served by doing some background work and not coming to any conclusions.”
 Bob Bowlsby - “It is more likely that Des Moines would be rated low for the first and second rounds (in basketball) due to limited air access and limited hotel space. It would very likely be too small for regional round games.”