My Favorite Quotes
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 Steve Box - “Aaron did a real good job of posting up tonight. It makes a big difference when you have a presence down low, and he started to establish himself.”
 Steve Box - “Even though it takes such a long time to film a few minutes, you still go for that spontaneous aspect to a film, the technique doesn't have to be uninteresting just because we are shooting a minute and half a week.”
 Steve Box - “This is a big win for us. We haven't had a season like this in a long time. Though its still early, we're looking at the playoffs.”
 Steve Box - “I'm a huge fan of Christopher Walken and he's got a great voice for animation.”
 Steve Box - “My wife made these when we were over here waiting. It was kind of a last-minute idea. We were very nervous about it because we know how sacred the Oscars are. So we thought, what the heck.”
 Steve Box - “Someone once said if you make a bad film you make it alone, if you if you make a great film everyone made it with you. We made a great film, guys.”
 Steve Box - “C.J. has really raised his level of play. He's fearless on the court. He came in after football and I think there was a period of adjustment for him. The last couple of games, you can tell he's just more comfortable out there.”
 Steve Box - “We settled down and did a better job of taking care of the ball. Oakmont is a patient team, aggressive on defense. They have a good press. We kind of let ourselves get a little rattled in the first half.”
 Steve Box - “We played a great first half. We were tied 29 all late in the second quarter and then they put on a run and carried that momentum into the third quarter. They outscored us 24-14 in the third quarter. We had no answer for them.”