My Favorite Quotes
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 Michael Boyd - “Fundamentally, the airline is obscenely strong. The future belongs to legacy carriers like United.”
 Ben Boyd - “The kid rides at a pro level now, and the future is bright for him. He loves to ride and progress, and it shows in the bag of tricks he has.”
 Jim Boyd - “Defensively we were playing scared and weren't coming out and being aggressive. Offensively we had to put a drive together and with Caleb hurt, we had to do some things to be able to move the ball. I wish I could say I had a stroke of genius, but I really didn't. When you look at it, we just kind of went back to basics and ran our leads and ran our option and that put us in good scoring range.”
 Brandon Boyd - “She is a girl so I wouldnt slap her. I would lock her in a room full of spiders and let her think about what shes doing to the youth of America.”
 Jason Boyd - “These girls don't give up.”
 Jonathan Boyd - “That quarter-of-a-mill will give us 1-million more.”
 Ben Boyd - “We don't mind, give them something to do, get them out of prison. Then after school we have high school kids. It keeps the kids off the street they do good work for us.”
 Dustin Boyd - “He's a good goalie but if you get some goals on him, he'll kind of shut it down.”
 Dan Boyd - “They pounded the ball inside on us -- both these teams did that to us. McMinnville had a 6-2 post and another good-sized 5-10 post and they just pounded us down there. When you look at McMinnville, that's what you'd expect, though.”
 Graham Boyd - “The bottom line is that government cannot cut constitutional corners even in pursuit of a goal it identifies as being for the public good.”
 Brandon Boyd - “Price tags advertise your pride,Since when did what we pay for colored cloth gage our gravity”
 David Boyd - “Our recent e-commerce studies clearly show an upward trend in global online shopping. While there is growth in nearly all global markets, the lesser developed markets are maturing faster than many of their more developed counterparts. It will not be long before we have a nearly level playing field across the globe.”
 Michael Boyd - “That's where the growth is.”
 Dean Boyd - “We're pretty much hand-in-glove with Customs and Border Protection every day in this initiative.”
 Michael Boyd - “In 20 minutes, the airline would be dead, ... This is an airline that's hanging by a string. It's incumbent on both sides to keep the airline flying. Even going forward, it's got challenges.”
 Michael Boyd - “I want the whole world to know we all need to be accountable for the beasts in our society - so we may protect our loved ones from harm.”
 Cory Boyd - “I just told him to keep his head up, put everything in God's hands. If you do what you've got to do, the rest will follow.”
 Brandon Boyd - “I lay my head unto the sand...the sky resembles a backlit canopy with holes punched in it...I'm counting u.f.o's, I signal them with my lighter...and in this moment I am happy.”
 Michael Boyd - “Northwest can survive if they have to go into bankruptcy, ... These labor unions have to take it upside the head. Their next job will be at the Wal-Mart.”
 Brandon Boyd - “I'm kicking myself that I shared spit with you, so Fk yourself and FK this bleeding heart of mine.”
 Brandon Boyd - “All of us are heaven sent and there was never meant to be only one”
 Ben Boyd - “We're going to try like hell for September, at least get partially done. We're going to put in new wiring, plumbing and heating. We've got a lot of work, got a pretty good crew.”
 Bill Boyd - “We have intentionally selected Cancun for this event to show our support of the rebuilding of its hospitality infrastructure following the debilitating hurricanes of 2005.”
 Jeff Boyd - “Most of the airlines we've met with have been extremely receptive to the concept. Our service ultimately shortens their check-in lines and lowers total weight of the plane. From a traveler's standpoint, you can't beat knowing your luggage is in your hotel waiting for you before you've even boarded the plane. It's truly a 'win win' for everybody involved.”
 McKim Boyd - “He brought the hotel up from a young age. It was home for him.”

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