My Favorite Quotes
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 Kimball Brace - “That just threw holy hell into everybody's bonnet.”
 Jake Brace - “We don't see the industry has reached equilibrium yet.”
 Deryn Brace - “We'll play anywhere, any time.”
 Jake Brace - “We are judiciously taking money and investing it in the high-value customer, and at the same time we are not spending any more than we have to on the low-value customer.”
 Jake Brace - “Our approach is clearly working, as the numbers show. We have substantially improved our financial performance despite dramatic increases in fuel costs over the last 12 months. And United has one of the best operating records in the industry -- in on-time departures, baggage handling, fewest customer complaints and other areas helping us to outpace the industry in unit revenue.”
 Kimball Brace - “When you look at disaster stories, it is usually that first time using a new piece of equipment that something is going to fall apart.”
 Kimball Brace - “If I were to rub my finger across it, that could create an indentation and that obviously should not be counted as intention to vote.”
 Deryn Brace - “We were well worth the point as we totally dominated the opening half and had three gilt-edged chances, but could only put one away.”
 Jake Brace - “Today represents a validation of three years of hard work that at the outset many critics said could not be done.”
 Deryn Brace - “I am delighted to have won the award, but believe it is a tribute to the team and indeed the backroom people as well.”
 Jake Brace - “We did everything that we set out to do. We have to wait a couple of days to get the final order we need.”
 Jake Brace - “We took the view early in the case that we were going to take full advantage of every opportunity that bankruptcy gives us to fix our situation, and we have done just that. We also took advantage of all of the opportunities to save costs that aren't necessary, enabled by the bankruptcy process.”
 Jake Brace - “Bankruptcy gets you a number of tools you can use to improve your financial situation, ... We don't think there are any more tools we can use.”
 Kimball Brace - “Clearly, there are a lot of things that could get fixed and probably should get fixed. One of the big problems is that many jurisdictions don't have a lot of money.”
 Jake Brace - “We think we're setting the standard for performance. If you see what people have done in other bankruptcies, they've obviously looked at our contracts and things like that as a yardstick to measure their own bankruptcy process.”
 Jake Brace - “We look forward to confirming the (reorganization) plan next week and exiting bankruptcy next month ready to compete with the strongest carriers.”
 Jake Brace - “We've been pleased with that decision. We are obviously mindful of other carriers following in our footsteps.”
 Jake Brace - “We'll open trading on an exchange and that will determine what the value of the company will be. That's when you'll be able to determine what the true recovery will be.”
 Jake Brace - “These discussions need to be brought to a quick resolution to achieve our common goal,”
 Jake Brace - “Ajay has been involved for a number of years in projects to improve our utilization of resources across the company, which made him a natural choice for the corporate real estate position. He will bring his expertise in technology, operations and process improvement to a whole slate of high- profile projects to improve and consolidate our facilities around the world.”
 Jake Brace - “This is very normal for bankruptcies ... (and) has nothing to do with the operation of the business at all, ... The industry still has a number of challenges, fuel costs chief among them, but we're pleased with our results.”
 Jake Brace - “This validates our business plan and demonstrates that despite the fact that the industry environment has gotten tougher, the United business plan can attract even more all-debt exit financing than it could last winter.”
 Jake Brace - “We didn't think it would be 50 every year of the business plan. Clearly, in 2006 it's not going to be 50.”
 Jake Brace - “could possibly be a benefit to us.”
 Jake Brace - “Once this agreement is ratified, we will now have resolved pension and retirement issues with all of our employee groups. We're pleased to have reached this agreement.”

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