My Favorite Quotes
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 Zach Braden - “It is great feeling to go down in school history as one of the best teams. Hopefully we can keep it going.”
 Vic Braden - “Learn to think like a winner. Think positive and visualize your strengths.”
 Vic Braden - “The moment of enlightenment is when a person's dreams of possibilities become images of probabilities.”
 Zach Braden - “We're still in it at half, but every time that hole gets a little deeper, or you don't get a little bit closer, then you're playing that much harder on the defensive end. We'd get it to a point, then they'd go up by 11 or 12 again. Mentally, you get down on yourself.”
 Vic Braden - “Losers have tons of variety. Champions just take pride in learning to hit the same old boring winning shots.”
 Darrell Braden - “There was a time when I had a radio and wrote it up for problems, and for three to four months it didn't work. If you have a problem on the bus and something goes wrong, (a radio is) your only connection to help.”
 Darrell Braden - “For the last 12 years, this has not been sent out to bid -- it's been automatically given. There's been no accountability.”
 Darrell Braden - “We have no benefits at all -- no sick leave. What most people have, we don't have it.”
 Darrell Braden - “We want better wages, better benefits. It's not just about that. We think those things are necessary in order to keep an experienced workforce in place. Experienced drivers and monitors mean safer drivers and monitors on the roads.”
 Zach Braden - “We just got to keep taking good shots. We just kept swinging the ball. It's great to have open shots, and we got the ball to the open man all night.”
 Zach Braden - “We used to play a lot of two-on-two. My dad put a hoop up in our garage. We played in the winter and at least two or three times a week in the summer. It helped having three older brothers push you around. It made you stronger. They also teach you how to shoot, how to make post up moves. It was a very good thing to have three older brothers teach you the fundamentals of the game.”
 Darrell Braden - “People can't live on poverty wages and no benefits. Can't figure out whether you're going to feed your child or go to the doctor.”
 Darrell Braden - “In response, we care about the students, too. That's why we're doing this. We have good drivers and monitors dedicated to children, and they're leaving because they cannot afford to stay. They cannot afford to live.”
 Zach Braden - “I am not sure right now, but I will play baseball or basketball in college.”