My Favorite Quotes
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 Terry Bradway - “I just have to laugh. Eric's been great. He's worked his butt off since he's gotten here. He's definitely the right guy for this job. There was never any power struggle.”
 Terry Bradway - “The Jets are proud that Mo and Marvin are retiring as New York Jets. It's rare today to have one player play his entire career with one team, and in this instance, the Jets have two and it's a tribute to both gentlemen.”
 Terry Bradway - “He's interested in one thing and one thing only, and that's getting back to playing football. That will be his focus, and I'm excited about the tone of his voice. I know he misses his teammates. I expect him to have a good year.”
 Terry Bradway - “Now it's fun again. Now you get to watch guys every day, see them improve and see a team come together. This is a great time of the year. Everybody has high expectations.”
 Terry Bradway - “Five years in this market is a long time. Being a general manager in New York can be very rewarding, but it can also be very tough. We did not get as far as we wanted to in those five years, but I think we can all hold our heads high.”
 Terry Bradway - “It hasn't always been easy. We've had bumps in the roads both years. We've won some games we weren't supposed to win, and we've lost some games we were supposed to win. But in the end, the last two years, we won the last game to get into the playoffs. So from that standpoint, we put the expectations on ourselves. We expect to win.”
 Terry Bradway - “I think it's important that Eric get off to a good start with the right people in place and the fact that Mike is very deserving of this opportunity, the fact that he has a good relationship with Eric will be a plus for the Jets. I know those guys will work tirelessly.”
 Terry Bradway - “Herm did a good job when he was here. At this point it was good for us to make a change. I'm looking forward to the future.”
 Terry Bradway - “The Jets signed former linebackers Mo Lewis and Marvin Jones yesterday so they can retire as members of the team. Lewis and Jones were released in March 2004 and never signed with another team. They officially will retire today and will be honored at a home game during the upcoming season. The Jets are proud that Mo and Marvin are retiring as New York Jets, ... It's rare today to have one player play his entire career with one team, and in this instance, the Jets have two and it's a tribute to both gentlemen.”
 Terry Bradway - “I made the final decision.”
 Terry Bradway - “Not that it was informal, but no, we didn't have slide shows. But we had a very good conversation.”
 Terry Bradway - “Our policy remains to refrain from comment on rumor or speculation. Herm Edwards is under contract with the New York Jets.”
 Terry Bradway - “In my mind there isn't. In somebody else's eyes, there may be. But I think you have to look at the body of work he's had. . . . He's a good football coach and that's what we were looking for.”
 Terry Bradway - “If things don't work out, blame me, because I'm in charge.”
 Terry Bradway - “We will begin interviewing head coaching candidates immediately. We will comply with the guidelines set forth by the National Football League and we will conduct a thorough and complete interview process.”
 Terry Bradway - “He's no stranger to the Jets and certainly not to the AFC East. He brings extensive background experience to the position. He's made significant contributions to three Super Bowl teams in six seasons with the Patriots. He's been exposed to some of the great football coaches in history. His attention to detail and work ethic has earned him respect. Those were among the qualities we looked for.”
 Terry Bradway - “His attention to detail and tireless work ethic has earned him the respect of his players and fellow staff members. He will tell you shortly (how) he wants his players. He wants them smart, hard-working, tough, and with great character. Those were among the qualities that we looked for in (the) selection our head coach.”
 Terry Bradway - “We said all along that we want John to be here for a long time, and that's something that we will work with Tony and Rich on, ... I can't give you any timetables or answer any questions during the season.”
 Terry Bradway - “I can't give you a timetable. I'm not going to answer questions during the season. We've had great communication in the past, and we'll continue to have it in the future. Our intention all along has been to have John here for a long time. We'll continue to work toward that end.”
 Terry Bradway - “We took a chance in the draft, and we could have been criticized for that too if someone had gone up and gotten Robertson before we did. But you know what In this league, if you're afraid to fail, you're not going to succeed. You can't worry about making a mistake.”
 Terry Bradway - “No other candidates are expected at this point. At this point, we are going to huddle up and review our process to this point and decide what our next plan of action is.”
 Terry Bradway - “I have no problem with that. It's about experience and ability. It's not about age.”