My Favorite Quotes
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 Michael Brady - “The future of search is finding answers, not links.”
 John Brady - “Hopefully this will happen a bunch more in the future. But a lot of factors go into winning a conference championship.”
 Sean Brady - “We know we have a battle on our hands. We feel like we're the underdogs. It's going to take one of our best games to beat Gulf.”
 Sean Brady - “I've seen a couple of their games and there's a lot of pressure and quickness out there. I certainly think they have us beat in the quickness department. Not that we're slow, but they're faster.”
 Matt Brady - “Every game in this league is a battle. We've had some tough losses. We played well enough against Saint Peter's, Loyola and Iona at home to win the game. Those were three games we lost in the last 35 seconds. We're a resilient group.”
 Matt Brady - “I expect more games like this, the way we shot it.”
 Matt Brady - “In the close games, they made the small plays. We have a lot of respect for them. They play a style that is difficult to guard.”
 Matt Brady - “Our backcourt gives us an advantage in most games. Not necessarily in the Iona game. But most other games, we have an advantage. We never know from game to game who's going to score the ball.”
 John Brady - “I've never had a player have an injury like that. Usually it's a matter of tightening up a shoe and gutting it out. We lost Kevin for seven games and he's still not 100 percent.”
 John Brady - “They stayed with the double team. A lot of guys hedge him high and then run back. They stayed with it and made him give the ball up.”
 John Brady - “The guy guarding Darrell gets hung up in all that confusion, so (Mitchell) is able to break free for a count, and he was playing so well tonight that you can't give him that kind of room.”
 John Brady - “I like the way we match up. They're basically a seven-guy rotation like us. Obviously, with that in mind, if we can get to the foul line like we've been doing, it may give us an advantage. I like the match-ups that we've seen.”
 Matt Brady - “They're both good teams with terrific senior guards. I'm happy to have earned a bye. It's something we couldn't do in our first year here. We're making progress.”
 John Brady - “Their two guards could start for anybody in our league. We're going to have to do a very good job of making our team concerned with where they are, what set they're in, who is setting the screen and what we're going to do to disrupt them, because the other three players really rely on those two guards playing well.”
 John Brady - “This is the best group at this stage that I've had here. I anticipate this team being a very good rebounding team. We're long. We're really uncharacteristically long.”
 John Brady - “This is the best group at this stage that I've had here, ... I anticipate this team being a very good rebounding team. We're long. We're really uncharacteristically long.”
 John Brady - “Old Mill is a very good team. We just went on these stretches where we couldn't score. It's tough to keep coming back from 10 down against a good team like that.”
 John Brady - “He had good height and was a very good athlete, but it was only his first year of playing quarterback.”
 Bill Brady - “My goal is to help people get off of reliance on government and move them to self-reliance.”
 David Brady - “They're interested in growth and cool ideas,”
 Tom Brady - “It's a great feeling. It definitely hasn't happened in this decade where Hand has been 5-0. It's always nice to be undefeated, that's for sure.”
 John Brady - “We didn't have any timeouts, so we have a 45 set that we put Darrel Mitchell in a corner, and we hand him the ball and have our two post men (Davis and Thomas) go run and set a double stagger screen on him and just let him find a way to shoot it.”
 John Brady - “Mark Emmert had a hand in it. There was a connection there.”
 Sarah Brady - “It goes so slowly with a head injury.”
 John Brady - “Demand is outstripping supply and this is the bullet point of the problem. The U.S. refinery snags are adding fuel to the flames. Certainly, in the long term, prices will head higher.”

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