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 Lakhdar Brahimi - “You are dealing with people who have taken the responsibility of killing their own because they think that they are right, they think that they are serving the interests of their people. They not going to give that up easily, just because you've shown up.”
 Lakhdar Brahimi - “The sooner a credible Iraqi government is in place to lead the way, the better, especially because the absence of such a sovereign government is part of the problem in the first place,”
 Lakhdar Brahimi - “U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan has asked the Northern Alliance to respect their obligations under international humanitarian law and treat these questions with as much humanity as possible, ... elsewhere, everywhere.”
 Lakhdar Brahimi - “But I knew that what had happened was an eye-opener not only to the United States but also to Pakistan, who realized that after what has happened on the 11th of September, it was simply impossible to continue to play those games in Afghanistan.”
 Lakhdar Brahimi - “In Afghanistan, the first time around, from 1997 to 1999 when I gave up, that is where I had seen these foreign players do their worst.”
 Lakhdar Brahimi - “I think we are pointing out to them that perhaps the evaluations of the time that is needed, the conditions that need to be fulfilled, are not accurate, and they are listening to us.”
 Lakhdar Brahimi - “I think we are pointing out to them that perhaps the evaluations of the time that is needed, the conditions that need to be fulfilled, are not accurate, and they are listening to us,”
 Lakhdar Brahimi - “Probably I understand very much the people who rise against injustice.”
 Lakhdar Brahimi - “If you are talking about terrorism, you need to sit down and understand what is making these people put dynamite around their waists and blow themselves up.”
 Lakhdar Brahimi - “I understand even the excesses that can happen once you start fighting against injustice, not to condone it but to understand how you get there.”
 Lakhdar Brahimi - “But you've got to understand what the other guy is about, even if at the end of the process you decide that there is no ground with this man or woman except to fight them.”
 Lakhdar Brahimi - “Be modest, be respectful of others, try to understand.”
 Lakhdar Brahimi - “I think they want support from the U.N.. They think the U.N. has a role to play in helping them understand these problems and also in working out compromises and concerns amongst themselves.”
 Lakhdar Brahimi - “You have a weak government or no government or several factions claiming to be government. You have a vacuum which is very favorable ground on which drugs and terrorism will grow,”
 Lakhdar Brahimi - “A fly cannot go in unless it stops somewhere therefore weapons, fuel, food, money will not go to Afghanistan unless the neighbors of Afghanistan are working, are cooperating, either being themselves the origin or the transit.”
 Lakhdar Brahimi - “won't be achieved by weapons alone.”
 Lakhdar Brahimi - “For the past ten years the UN has been trying to help the Afghans end their wars against one another, but we have been unsuccessful.”
 Lakhdar Brahimi - “The people we have met are at least asking themselves questions, at the very, very least. I think they are looking for a consensus.”
 Lakhdar Brahimi - “It also seems that the Afghans themselves want to avail themselves of this opportunity and all recognize that the UN is uniquely qualified to help bring them together.”
 Lakhdar Brahimi - “Not much, I'm sorry to say, because my father passed away when I was very young. I was eleven, and my mother was a simple, uneducated peasant.”
 Lakhdar Brahimi - “cannot be solved through military means alone.”
 Lakhdar Brahimi - “What we are suggesting here has the merit of enjoying the support of many Iraqis with whom we have met, and is reasonably simple and straightforward,”
 Lakhdar Brahimi - “There is an element of luck, there is an element of trial and error, sometimes you fail, sometimes you succeed. It's not as beautifully simple as it may seem when we are talking about it.”
 Lakhdar Brahimi - “There is a story which is not being told strongly enough of the Afghan employees of the UN inside the country who are saving hundreds of thousands of lives everyday by their bravery and nobody talks of them.”
 Lakhdar Brahimi - “Iraq is a country that has been invaded. It's not a failing state that you want to help. It's a country that was functioning good or bad, with a horrible dictator, but you have invaded.”

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