My Favorite Quotes
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 Arnold Braithwaite - “There is so much that came out of there and there is so much that is there now. It is like finding a diamond in the rough.”
 Arnold Braithwaite - “It's about fun, but we talked a lot to the kids about education and staying away from drugs and other trouble. From an Angels' perspective, we hope to find some players and follow them until they're draft eligible, but also help them get to college.”
 Arnold Braithwaite - “Right now, we're just trying to be good ambassadors for baseball. We're just trying to light that spark.”
 William Stanley Braithwaite - “I am glad daylong for the gift of song,For time and change and sorrowFor the sunset wings and the world-end thingsWhich hang on the edge of tomorrow.”
 William Stanley Braithwaite - “There was something in me grieves That was never born, and died.”
 William Stanley Braithwaite - “Here is the earth resurgent with color and bloom of Spring,Glorying the dream and the vision in the song you bring.”
 William Stanley Braithwaite - “Art alone has kept her covenant with democracy.”
 William Stanley Braithwaite - “Negro poetic expression hovers for the moment, pardonably perhaps, over the race problem, but its highest allegiance is to Poetry it must soar.”