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 Sam Brandon - “To me, I think you're always playing for your future,”
 Gregg Brandon - “This is the type of game our league needs to start taking a look at. Playing teams with similar size, speed and talent. I think going to a 12-game schedule, it's very difficult for a mid-major to find games. We need to look more at some of these games.”
 John Brandon - “We find and record everything they had on the vessels. Swords, guns, eating utensils, even gold toothpicks.”
 Gregg Brandon - “He can lead us to the championship. Omar and I have talked, and the great quarterbacks in the history of our conference have all taken their teams to championships.”
 John Brandon - “Everything I know I learned from Mel and the talented people who worked for him. History. Archaeology. Geology. Electronics. You name it.”
 John Brandon - “This is a genuine, honest-to-God treasure map.”
 Gregg Brandon - “I hope that we can get some stops. The key is when we have the ball, we've got to score and take advantage of our opportunities, because if they get into us and start pounding us ...”
 Gregg Brandon - “We took the ball out of our own hands in the third quarter and that is what hurt us.”
 Sam Brandon - “It took us out of that. The next person coming in at corner if (rookie Domonique Foxworth) got hurt was Marques Anderson, another safety. We just didn't have enough people.”
 Gregg Brandon - “We just feel we're so young that dividing the team up and playing a game wouldn't be in our best interest right now. We need our defensive players to continue to get reps as units and our offensive players to continue to get reps as units.”
 Gregg Brandon - “We just feel, we're so young that dividing the team up and playing a game would not be in our best interest right now.”
 Sam Brandon - “The big difference for a safety playing cornerback is you cover a receiver, but out on an island where it's a whole different world. I was glad I came out with as few a mistakes as possible.”
 Gregg Brandon - “The hamstring concerns me the most, because that limits his mobility.”
 Sam Brandon - “I thought he showed he was ready,'' Walls said.”
 Gregg Brandon - “I really liked the effort on both sides of the ball. Next time we get together is August and we're going to pick up right where we left off.”
 Gregg Brandon - “They're both going to play at the same time. I'm not going to have one of them standing next to me, I just can't stomach that. They're too good.”
 Gregg Brandon - “These kids haven't played a lot of football, I won't sugarcoat it. We really have to rebuild this whole team. We've lost a lot of really great players through the years here. There's a lot of uncertainty on both sides of the ball, a lot of inexperience as far as playing time.”
 Gregg Brandon - “He's always run a clean program in the years I've coached with him. He would never create a situation intentionally that would bring disrespect to him or his program.”
 John Brandon - “When you see gold laying on the ocean floor, it looks just like this. It's so shiny and beautiful.”
 John Brandon - “Mel had a very good sense about his obligation to history. When he found all this stuff, he didn't just put it in vaults or give to the investors to sell. He put the best of the best in the museum for the public domain.”
 Gregg Brandon - “When we were working through some of the issues, I was just trying to make a first down. But it's become a very good system.”
 Gregg Brandon - “We didn't think about any issues. We were just trying to find a way to make first downs.”
 John Brandon - “I got 65 bucks a week and got to live on the boat. I didn't get any share of the treasure when I started. But again, you start at the bottom and work your way up.”
 Gregg Brandon - “That is awesome. He's going to get his chance to live his dream and we wish him nothing but the best.”
 Gregg Brandon - “We respect Omar's decision and we support him. Any coach would love to have an Omar Jacobs for another year, but we know his desire is to play professionally. We really appreciate his efforts in helping us re-establish a winning tradition at BGSU.”

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