My Favorite Quotes
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 Bud Brannon - “They've let them define us and that's our mistake.”
 Bud Brannon - “Nationally there's no clear cut leader for the Democrats. There's no one ready to take advantage of all the administrations foul-ups.”
 Charles Brannon - “I don't really count the mileage, and I don't count the deer. Hopefully, the bottom line is in the black when it's over,”
 Bud Brannon - “President Bush had the highest approval ratings ever after Desert Storm. Then Clinton took a role leading the party and won the presidency.”
 Charles Brannon - “I like animals, but I'm not doing it because I'm an animal lover, ... It's upsetting to see so much death. I've gotten down because I'm always around something dead. I had to call on the local police to finish one deer off. That's bad.”
 Bud Brannon - “There are a lot of church-based people who still hold to the idea that the Democrats are only about gay marriage and abortion. But I think people are starting to realize there are other issues out there besides those two. There are issues such as school funding, the price of gas, medical care, health insurance and other areas that involve taking care of people.”