My Favorite Quotes
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 William Bransford - “By coming together as a group, hopefully we will have some additional clout on the Hill. It's the collective wisdom of five different management organizations.”
 William Bransford - “The manager seems to get pushed aside. You listen to the unions you listen to the political leadership because it has power. Managers are just supposed to go out there and do their job and approve sick leave requests and do performance appraisals, and they are sort of expected to just kind of go out there and keep their mouth shut.”
 William Bransford - “The difficulty is going to be convincing the members of Congress that whatever cost is associated with the reform is going to be made up in increased productivity.”
 William Bransford - “Often the most basic management concerns are the ones overlooked. The fixes we're seeking will make a big difference in the management of the civil service.”