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 George Braun - “This would have been a nice win. It would have taken some pressure off us. Now it only increases the pressure. It was a better performance than we had the last two games and that's the bright side of it. But it's got to be 32 minutes, not 30.”
 George Braun - “It's been a while since a team has won it back-to-back. We've got two games to go to do it. We'll give it a shot.”
 Chad Braun - “We're 3-1 now, so we're up at the top. Hopefully we can pick up a couple more games and be where we want to be at the end of the year.”
 Ben Braun - “They've improved in that area. Those guys have given them their team a big lift, and there's no question that has helped their performance in the last few games.”
 Ben Braun - “They are tough defensively. They always have been. WSU coach Dick Bennett is at the genius level defensively.”
 Ben Braun - “They are tough defensively. They always have been. (WSU coach) Dick Bennett is at the genius level defensively.”
 Ben Braun - “He was hobbling pretty good. Let's give it a day and see.”
 Eva Braun - “What is important is not to give up hope. I should have learned to be patient by now.”
 George Braun - “We had him (Quintin) covered pretty good. It wasn't a great open shot.”
 George Braun - “They beat us at our place last year and we beat them at theirs. I'm sure it will be another good game when we see them at their place.”
 Ben Braun - “I feel good about our chances. I also feel good that in our league, 17 wins has been a formula (for the NCAA tournament).”
 Rob Braun - “We've got good team depth. We've have more than one guy in each event across the board.”
 Jason Braun - “It's kind of a neat coincidence (the Legion championship). It says good things about our team. It's a good base from which to build.”
 Ben Braun - “Rodgers, he did a hell of a job defensively. Boy, he's tough.”
 Carol Braun - “The question is, how can we bring our troops home with honor”
 George Braun - “That could have hurt us. Thanks god we had a big enough lead.”
 Ben Braun - “That's just disappointing because we had opportunities. We have to learn from this game. This is kind of a rerun in the rebounding department. To me it's one of the bigger indicators we have.”
 Wernher Von Braun - “There is just one thing I can promise you about the outer-space program -- your tax-dollar will go further.”
 Werner Braun - “Don't tell me that man doesn't belong out there. Man belongs wherever he wants to go -- and he'll do plenty well when he gets there.”
 Wernher Von Braun - “We can lick gravity but sometimes the paperwork is overwhelming.”
 Ben Braun - “I thought he had a huge year. He took his team over the hump tonight. He put them on his back. He was phenomenal.”
 Ben Braun - “I thought there was some questionable judgment in those situations.”
 Ben Braun - “I thought Oregon defended him pretty well.”
 Jamie Braun - “I got it off the glass nice and then I thought it could go either way - in or out. It just went out.”
 Ben Braun - “We're not sure of the extent of it, but he's definitely out. I thought he was making pretty good progress. He was able to log some minutes. This is a separate issue.”

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