My Favorite Quotes
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 Francis Brautigam - “By the volume of phone calls I've been receiving, there appears to be a heightened interest with the final arrival of spring.”
 Francis Brautigam - “The expectation is that there will be more fish available. Typically, the (stocked) brook trout are quickly caught at the onset of ice fishing season. These ponds didn't receive the ice fishing pressure. That certainly bodes well for open-water fishermen.”
 Francis Brautigam - “The last two springs, what happened was all that rain and runoff extended the spring fishing season. Because of so much moving water, those fish move around a lot.”
 Francis Brautigam - “Open water under the unstable ridge, newly formed ice on exposed water, ice softened and weakened in the presence of exposed water, and fractures associated with ridge formation may create dangerous conditions for travelers at or in very close proximity of the ridge formation.”
 Francis Brautigam - “Because it's been so mild this winter, because we haven't had any significant ice formations, it appears as though there is a good likelihood we won't see ice on the lake.”
 Francis Brautigam - “The same is true on Thompson and Auburn (lakes). Typically, the ice doesn't go out for weeks... If opening day was tomorrow, there would be a lot of opportunity right from the start.”