My Favorite Quotes
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 Trent Bray - “We played good enough to win in the first quarter. We just played awful after that.”
 Sen. Bray - “It looks like a major leap in reclaiming good sense, but I don't know that.”
 John Bray - “You not only saw him hurt a kid with a right hook, but he knocked him out. We all know he's got a great left hand. Now we've seen he's got a great right hook, too. I was really pleased with his performance tonight.”
 Mahdi Bray - “A million dollars is a drop in the bucket compared to what is going to be needed, but we're glad to do it, and we hope to raise more,”
 Tony Mowbray - “I hope the players aren't thinking about Dnipro,”
 Bill Bray - “If you come out with an idea, people will say you are putting the cart before the horse. If you do all this stuff first, then people will say you don't know what you want.”
 Bill Bray - “The city is fortunate to receive this money and help its residents improve their homes, improve the housing stock and ensure their continued presence here in New Brunswick.”
 Jeff Bray - “Indian gaming, I don't regard it as a competitive industry. Anything that helps the tribe become self-sufficient is positive.”
 Bill Bray - “This matter will be looked into fully. The city encourages anybody who has any info on this or any other incident to come forward and provide the police with information.”
 Sen. Bray - “We are kind of in la-la land here. What are we doing here”
 Tony Mowbray - “If he is to last 90 minutes he must learn when to run, when to pass and when to hold the ball. It's been a fairytale two weeks for him and it is up to me to keep his feet on the ground.”
 Mark Bray - “A win is a win.”
 Libba Bray - “It started a whole new chapter in my life to discover my father was gay, ... I think it's very hard to discover that everything you thought you knew up to the age of 14 is out the window.”
 Bill Bray - “Now is a good time to address those issues, especially with a temperate climate like New Jersey.”
 Bill Bray - “This will help our department to meet the requirement that four people man any piece of equipment at any given time, and will also significantly reduce overtime costs.”
 Tony Mowbray - “As I've said to him, it's not about one game - he's got to be a threat every time he plays. He has to build a career for himself.”
 Trent Bray - “Any time you play teams with the same offense, you're going to be better the second time. I see us handling it pretty well especially after what we did last week.”
 Mark Bray - “Joe's kids played hard tonight. The next time, we won't call the dogs off so early.”
 Mark Bray - “The kids know that they have a good chance to get some place that no Kingsburg team has been in my time.”
 Tony Mowbray - “I liken the second leg to playing the Old Firm really, ... We've had good results in Glasgow the last couple of times we've been there.”
 Tony Mowbray - “Garry is still feeling a bit tender but he will train today and he'll be fine as will Michael.”
 Tim Bray - “These tools are changing the basic core economics of software development.”
 Tony Mowbray - “There is no truth in the fact that Chelsea want to take John Park,”
 Tony Mowbray - “It's a journey into the unknown, ... but we will be doing our utmost to get as much information on them as possible. We are going to be underdogs and the fact they won their group last season suggests they are a very good team. We have to be more than wary of them and we will prepare very thoroughly.”
 Sen. Bray - “It's sad that they're focusing on what would only lead women to the back alley when they should be focusing on preventing unwanted pregnancies.”

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