My Favorite Quotes
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 Mik Bredis - “The costs for every month delay will probably go up at least a half percent of the construction cost.”
 Mik Bredis - “We would end up with two railroad crossings instead of a single railroad crossing and that would create some operational problems with stacking up cars when a train might be coming. It is also very difficult to have the railroads come up with a new crossing because they are mandated by Congress to eliminate roadway crossings.”
 Mik Bredis - “Ideally a project like this would begin on the first of April but we cannot meet that time frame even if the railroad gave us the paperwork today.”
 Mik Bredis - “You always run the risk that, if you do not get the agreement from the railroad in a reasonable amount of time, you would have roadway lanes that don't line up with anything and we would have a worse condition out there than what we have right now.”