My Favorite Quotes
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 Joey Cabret - “We had the majority of the team coming back, and I felt like this was the year to do some big things. So I just try to get on base and let the team do the rest. That's my job, to get on base. Everything else follows.”
 Joey Cabret - “I kind of like that. I'll play wherever the team needs me to play. I think I'm more of a middle infielder, but I can play outfield and I can pitch. I like pitching. It's good to have the game in my hands.”
 Joey Cabret - “I was very concerned. At the time, I couldn't grab a bat. Every time I touched the bat, my thumb hurt. I didn't think I'd be able to play at all. But then, all of a sudden, it healed up good.”
 Antoine Bret - “The first sigh of love is the last of wisdom.”