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 Brian Boucher - “None of the guys really talk about it, ... I think going into a game you can't focus on getting a shutout. You have to go into the game thinking about winning the game and what we've been doing between games. We stayed out of the penalty box, which has been really big for us. And as a team we're playing awesome and it makes all our jobs a lot easier. Nobody really talks about the streak. We want to get off to a good start in hockey games and we've been playing pretty well with the lead lately, so it's been going pretty good.”
 Brian Boucher - “It stinks. Personally, it's embarrassing. I take a lot of responsibility for what happened. When a team scores four goals it should win the hockey game.”
 Brian Boucher - “It gives the pilot a whole lot more information about whether to land or not. It's something better than what they have south of the border.”
 Brian Boucher - “This is my first groin injury so I don't know how it's going to respond (to treatment). I'm very disappointed that I'm injured, but it is what it is. You have to move on.”
 Brian Boucher - “This is my first groin injury, so I don't know how it's going to respond (to treatment),”
 Brian Boucher - “I'm accustomed to playing a little bit more than I have, so it's been a bit of an adjustment for me. You want to compete and you want to contribute in a team setting. That's what can be frustrating for anybody who wants to help out. But at the same time, you've got to stay patient.”
 Brian Boucher - “I think it's because as a golfer, you always feel you can get better. That's what makes golf so unique. No one ever perfects (his or her) game. There's always some part that you feel needs improvement and can't wait to work on.”
 Brian Boucher - “He's acting like a man. He made a mistake and he has offered no excuses. There's something to be said for that.”
 Brian Boucher - “I'm a guy who wants to get in there and play ... obviously I've been looking at it. Hopefully now I'll get one or two of those games.”
 Brian Boucher - “He made a tremendous play. That's why he's going to be a superstar in this league. It just adds insult to injury when it's the sixth goal in a blowout game. But it was certainly exciting for the fans to see.”
 Brian Boucher - “I'm just trying to go out there and stop the puck. ... Sometimes things just happen instinctively you don't really think about the game. I think that's when you play your best, when you're not thinking out there. Things have gone well. I can't explain why, but you can see the team is really starting to play well now and that's really nice to see.”
 Brian Boucher - “I certainly don't want to live in the past, ... It wasn't a happy time for me, but things are going well right now and I just want to keep playing well. I'm happy that I'm getting a chance to play and be a part of it.”
 Brian Boucher - “I'm certainly seeing the puck pretty well right now and I feel like I'm reading the play well, ... It's a product of great team play as well I certainly don't want to take all the credit for this. They're letting me see the puck, first of all, and have been unbelievable at clearing away second chances.”
 Brian Boucher - “Obviously (positive) results are what we're looking for. To me, the process is what's more important. I think if we take care of the process then the results will come.”
 Brian Boucher - “I went 85 games without a shutout and now I've got four in a row, ... I'm just trying to enjoy it. The attention is nice, but the fact that we're winning games is really nice, too.”
 Brian Boucher - “Whether things really change year-to-year in golf, it's sort of a yes and no answer. I mean, there always seems to be something that gets a lot of buzz. But as with the big heads of the last few years, some golfers found that it was more like trying to swing a sledgehammer. They just couldn't get used to the size, so they decided to go a different route. Then again, you still have some companies pushing boundaries when it comes to how big the head can be. It's whatever you feel comfortable with.”