My Favorite Quotes
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 Flavio Briatore - “Today we confirm everything,”
 Flavio Briatore - “We have spectators walk away from television. In the meantime, we have less spectators in the grandstands.”
 Flavio Briatore - “He has demonstrated that he is a talented, aggressive driver in the GP2 series, and he has impressed our engineers during his tests with the team. The test driver's role will be crucial during 2006 as we develop our V8 engine through the season to defend the World Championship.”
 Flavio Briatore - “I don't know what happened, the emotion. Like Fernando said before, he was thinking about what happened in 2005. I was thinking about what happened in my 15 years of Formula One. I think I needed some privacy,”
 Flavio Briatore - “The GP2 championship costs 0.65 percent of what the Formula One championship costs, ... I don't understand why GP2 cost 2.5 million and our team and other teams cost maybe between 300 and 500 million. I do not see what the difference is.”
 Flavio Briatore - “Monza is a better circuit for us and we have a big step in the car and engine when we go to Brazil. I think we control the situation, more or less.”
 Flavio Briatore - “I was at no time directly or indirectly involved in the conduct of these negotiations.”
 Flavio Briatore - “I think so. The techniques of management are the same whether you run a clothing company or a football club. Management is the way you produce your product - your efficiency, your creativity, and the people you choose to make the dream come true. Now I stick to what I love for the moment - formula one. When I no longer have that love maybe I try football again.”
 Flavio Briatore - “He is incredibly cool. Not emotional, no mistakes, always thinking. I always believed the brain is important in any business, including driving the car.”
 Flavio Briatore - “I don't think Michael Schumacher forgets how to drive a formula one car. It is just Ferrari having a bad year. Michael does the best possible job with a limited car. But I think Fernando can be as great even if Michael already has seven championships - a crazy number. Fernando has the potential to do that because he is made to be a champion. He is also much calmer than Schumacher. Forget what you see in public - where Alonso is smiling and Schumacher is concentrated. I know them both very well and I promise you Fernando has the ice in his blood - more than Michael, who is boiling inside with feeling.”
 Flavio Briatore - “I believe we are quite close to a commercial deal, to finalize it with Bernie. We are basically agreed. Something will happen maybe this week or next week, but on the commercial part I believe we are very much in agreement.”
 Flavio Briatore - “There will be more action and the drivers will have to be on the track a lot more.”
 Flavio Briatore - “This was a very difficult race, and Fernando has got another fantastic result. The whole team did a great job, with some perfect stops and the strategy was what we needed. Everybody did a great job today. Fisico was pushing hard and really flying when he crashed. I think he did a great job too, but sometimes accidents happen - as we saw with Montoya as well. Fernando did the job he needed to, and now I think it will be difficult for Raikkonen to catch him but the constructors' championship is much closer, and we will stay focused on that until the end.”