My Favorite Quotes
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 Salvano Briceno - “This is very important ... We have two main objectives. One is to promote the safety of schools and other educational institutions and the second is to introduce risk reduction into the school curriculum.”
 Salvano Briceno - “When you have only a few minutes, it is important to know the actions you must take to reduce your risk, such as running to higher ground to avoid the flood water.”
 Salvano Briceno - “We have to cover all countries against all hazards and risks. That is the challenge we face in the next eight and a half years.”
 Salvano Briceno - “Anyone can be affected, any day, anywhere by disaster originated by a natural hazard. Urban risks, the degradation of the environment and global warming make disaster reduction a top priority for all governments' agenda.”
 Salvano Briceno - “It is incredible that people in a country like Switzerland are dying because of floods. But people forget easily how vulnerable they are. We should always be ready to face natural hazards.”