My Favorite Quotes
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 Greg McBride - “The prospect of future rate hikes will push yields on CDs even higher, making them even more attractive.”
 Brian McBride - “These kinds of games are always tense.”
 Mike McBride - “We worked on that for days. At the half we talked about spreading it out a little bit, to give our guards a little more room and they were able to locate the open man.”
 Brian McBride - “I picked up golf - I'm not the best at it, but I enjoy it.”
 William McBride - “Not really, ... Good grief, not really.”
 Kelly McBride - “If you are going to do a gossip column, you should do it with the same ethical standards as in the rest of the paper. But the minute that comes out of my mouth, it sounds preposterous.”
 Andrew McBride - “Everything is now stacked in favor of the government. You're going to see pictures of New York City and the Pentagon you've never seen before, hear from survivors, officials in New York about the impact. What do they have on the other side”
 Greg McBride - “What we're seeing here is a growth in the punitive type of fees. The fees are really going to get you if you step outside the bounds set by financial institutions.”
 Greg McBride - “That could really crimp consumer spending and hold back economic growth.”
 The Bride - “You seem a decent fellow, I'd hate to kill you. You seem a decent fellow, I'd hate to die.”
 Kyle McBride - “We went into the locker room and got a hell of a motivational speech from our coach. We saw our season slipping away, and we came awake and came alive in the second half.”
 Brian McBride - “My favorite sports are soccer, hockey and volleyball.”
 Greg McBride - “The extended low-rate holiday that consumers have enjoyed is a thing of the past.”
 Doug McBride - “The hope is that it will not increase the waiting period.”
 William McBride - “The hope is that peer pressure is going to reduce and eventually eliminate violations.”
 Lisa McBride - “It's a good competitive game. I hope we helped them. They certainly helped us with the aggressive play they gave us.”
 Joe McBride - “It would kill dove hunting. Remington makes a target load steel shot for gun ranges that costs 8 to 9 a box to retailers. We have to sell it for 12 to 15 a box.”
 The Bride - “LOOK You see, The Cliffs of Insanity, Hurry up move the thing, and, and that other thing, MOVE IT”
 Greg McBride - “That's the 64,000 question. Seventy percent of economic output is tied to consumer spending. The idea is to raise rates enough to stave off inflation, but not so as to curtail spending.”
 Greg McBride - “That difference of roughly 1.5 percentage points is enough to generate 150 in interest income that you'd otherwise leave on the table with a 10,000 investment.”
 Greg McBride - “Eighty-six percent of institutions will charge you for using a different bank's ATM.”
 Greg McBride - “And FDIC insurance won't cover you,”
 Greg McBride - “And FDIC insurance won't cover you.”
 Greg McBride - “In that case, you are easily looking at a 9-month, maybe a year, interest penalty.”
 Greg McBride - “Interest rates are coming off of 45-year lows.”

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