My Favorite Quotes
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 Sandy Bridgeman - “She did a nice job today, especially on the draw, she gives us options. It was great to have her back.”
 Sandy Bridgeman - “I feel were on a little bit of a roll. And the opportunity to get everyone in and have them see some minutes is good for us.”
 Sandy Bridgeman - “We brought in a number of players at midfield and attack because that was our primary focus, we're very excited about this class.”
 Sandy Bridgeman - “Kristin is key as our center, particularly with draw controls. Scoring-wise, she gives a different look from Katie as they attack from different areas.”
 Sandy Bridgeman - “Katie is a proven scorer and we look at her as a leader on the attacking end. She's an extension of the coaches out on the field. She's multidimensional in the way she can attack you because she has a hard shot that complements the way she reads defenses and sets up teammates. She's a threat to score or assist. But when we need a goal, we know we can count on her.”
 Sandy Bridgeman - “Christine is the leader of our defense. She plays with such intensity and also has great anticipation and footwork. She's everything you look for in a player. She's just so consistent in her play and intensity every practice, every game.”