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 Terrence Gabriel - “People feel the growth is there whether you push rates up to 6.50 percent or 6.80 percent.”
 Charles Gabriel - “Down Boys We believe predictions of 2002 budget plus-ups have gotten out of hand.”
 Greg Gabriel - “In the past, we had made up our mind that if Alex or Kyle was still there, they were the guy. Will we be able to do that this year Maybe not. We'll have a list and hope that somebody sticks there.”
 Pat Gabriel - “We needed a hospital in this area.”
 Terrence Gabriel - “It comes down to rate fears. The Fed is going to have to get pretty aggressive. We're quite worried about the interest rate outlook.”
 Terence Gabriel - “It's just eroding. It's all panic and follow-through on tech earnings fears. Biotech and Internet stocks are all getting slammed with some flight to safety into Dow stocks, but I don't see it being sustained.”
 John Gabriel - “But, still, he's a pretty big name to be waiting by the phone at this late juncture, isn't he He started for an NBA championship team last year, ... For him to still be out there, I would say that's pretty unusual, yeah.”
 Peter Gabriel - “As the band got more successful, it was increasingly difficult to get people to take a risk with something that might jeopardize their livelihood. On Genesis”
 Peter Gabriel - “I'm a bit cynical that it ever will be addressed properly. I think it is healthy to get some sort of copyright protection. But some of it has gone on forever.”
 Pat Gabriel - “I thought Jacob was the player of the game.”
 John Gabriel - “I thought he did a good job in Phoenix. I thought at the time he was destined to be coaching in the league for a long time.”
 Amy Gabriel - “Disaster can strike anyone at any time. It could be me tonight.”
 Colin Gabriel - “Offline, we tell our kids not to take candy from strangers and not to get into cars with strangers, ... But in chat rooms, they take the (virtual) candy and jump in the (virtual) car all the time.”
 Terrence Gabriel - “I think the Nasdaq was facing a lot of profit taking already. Certainly on the Nasdaq today, the Microsoft issue is hitting stocks in general.”
 Charles Gabriel - “Trade is a nice, battering ram topic in an election year.”
 Terence Gabriel - “We think those numbers are likely to be subdued, not super weak and not super strong.”
 Greg Gabriel - “Our tight end has got to be able to block. This is Chicago. We've got to run the ball, especially when the weather is bad. If he can't block, he's not a fit.”
 Terence Gabriel - “Downgrades outweigh upgrades and fear outweighs greed. This is not a market that can weather uncertainty and it's been pretty brutal.”
 Peter Gabriel - “I think one of the things about writing in the studio is that the song hasn't matured, if you like, so quite often the vocals are early attempts. Whereas once you've taken it out on the road a bit, you learn more about a song.”
 Terence Gabriel - “It's that one-two punch. You downgrade Intel yesterday, you downgrade Micron today and it ripples all through technology - even the strong stocks can't hold up.”
 Terrence Gabriel - “We have 30-year bond yield pressing toward 6.70 percent, when you couple that with the kind of strength we had yesterday, you're going to find ample reason to take profits.”
 Don Briel - “Of all the people that have tried the machines, we could count the negative comments on one hand.”
 Pat Gabriel - “We invite all the candidates to come and share their concerns and views. In the past some have not shown up but they are given the opportunity to come.”
 Terrence Gabriel - “Stocks are not reacting to good (earnings) news. Next week begins the real flood of what should be very closely watched reports. If the good earnings news is not able to buoy the market, it's because of interest rate concerns.”
 Terence Gabriel - “When PC sales are showing weakness, it ripples across technology. You have to view it as very worrisome news when companies like Dell are unable to deliver on revenues. It really is a market that has transitioned to where revenue growth is more important than earnings.”

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