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 Katie O'Brien - “I am very proud of the team and look forward to what our future as a team.”
 Dan O'Brien - “Comparing the two relatively, we've made a lot of progress with the structure of the bullpen to succeed in the future.”
 Susan O'Brien - “There is some real momentum behind the market now, so I think we should see stocks build on their gains.”
 Shawn O'Brien - “We just tried to tell the kids that we can't do anything about those games.”
 Tom O'Brien - “I've been to 19 bowl games and never seen anything like it in my life.”
 Chris O'Brien - “We want to put ourselves in a good position heading into the state tournament. Every game is important. We haven't lost at home this season (6-0-1). We like playing at home. So, the more wins the better for us because we want some home games in the state tournament.”
 Ronnie O'Brien - “You get lazy, everyone gets lazy -- they think they've got to just turn up every week and play. It comes to pride as well, you've got to push yourself, go to that extra level. Whenever someone has a couple bad games someone's going to come in and take your place and give you a good kick in the backside, so it's good.”
 Jim O'Brien - “We're playing pretty well. The last couple of games we stepped up our defensive efforts more than anything.”
 Ed O'Brien - “Using GE Energy's 200-watt solar modules will allow us to increase the amount of power generation per square foot of roofing space by 20 percent. This results in savings for our customers on both material and labor costs while reducing the amount of roof space they need to allocate to power generation.”
 Charlie O'Brien - “One of the biggest things was getting Peter back. He's going to be a big part of our offense. He's going to give us some flexibility in the lineup as far as who we're going to run out defensively and who can come off the bench. So it was a major plus having him get back in and get his feet wet.”
 Tim O'Brien - “We want to give customers an inside view of our implementation so they could have a framework so they could go and do the same thing. If we can shorten the learning curve for our customers and for internal developers, that's success.”
 Mike O'Brien - “I told them it's nothing to nothing. We had to do it. Our kids had come too far to give up.”
 Dan O'Brien - “Correct. You can't pretend the first half of last year didn't transpire. But you do have to give credence that there were positive strides made in the second half on last year.”
 Jim O'Brien - “My expectations are high for Vin. I think he can give us a low-post presence that we maybe haven't had before. I expect him to get minutes at the 5 and as a backup to Antoine Walker . If the season started tonight, I'd see him getting no less than 25 minutes.”
 Chris O'Brien - “We're skating six or seven forwards and when they're not scoring they're back-checking their hearts out and helping the team out. We're getting a lot of scoring from a lot of different players. When a guy is scoring, he's scoring in bunches. But, they're not individual goals, they're a team effort.”
 Chris O'Brien - “He kept working and working and he makes plays because of his hard work. He contributed last season in the goal scoring department and I hope he keeps it going. I wish that he scores three goals every game.”
 Jim O'Brien - “We scored two points in the third quarter against Avon and no points in the third against Suffield. You can't have a quarter like that against a good team.”
 Aidan O'Brien - “She pulled up when she got to the front. She's really only as good as the horses she's racing against she only just does enough.”
 Aidan O'Brien - “We've been happy with him since his win in the St Leger and he's in good form.”
 Shane O'Brien - “They've got pride and they're a good hockey team. We fought. We hit. We scored. And it was playoff hockey tonight.”
 Mat O'Brien - “We didn't hit the ball great. That is to be expected, though. Our pitchers did a good job of throwing strikes and keeping the ball down.”
 Tom O'Brien - “We knew were walking into an incredibly tough situation. They're such a good team. They'd won 31 in a row at home.”
 Tom O'Brien - “When you scramble 12 yards and nobody touches you, that means there's lot of acreage in there to run with, ... He did a good job of recognizing those situations and got us two touchdowns rushing.”
 Tom O'Brien - “This is a very difficult place to play especially to think you can hold BYU to three points. That offense, I think, they're going to be pretty good down the road once they figure out what they're doing.”
 Tom O'Brien - “We're the new guys in the neighborhood, and nobody knows what to expect from us. That's good, too, ... That's going to be the fun of this year, seeing how we match up.”

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