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 Daniel Briere - “It doesn't really bother us. They gotta give good reasons to their fans why they've been losing to us this year.”
 Daniel Briere - “It makes us angry but there's nothing we can do about it. The only positive is that Tucker is going to play golf and we're going to the playoffs.”
 Daniel Briere - “He's a heart-and-soul player. He's the type of guy you want on your side because he's probably the hardest worker on our team and he's going to be the same way over there.”
 Daniel Briere - “It was tough. When something like that happens, you realize that hockey's a game, life is life, and that there are more important things in life than hockey.”
 Daniel Briere - “I thought we gained a lot of experience. I was surprised by how we kept our composure.”
 Daniel Briere - “They're tight games. I thought tonight we had the better chances.”
 Daniel Briere - “I'm still far away from coming back. I can't really push off yet or take off in a hurry. Pivoting gives me a hard time still. But it's just fun to be back around the guys and having the chance to skate with them a little bit.”
 Daniel Briere - “When you're so close to playing, it's going to be frustrating if I don't have time to get into a game before the break.”
 Daniel Briere - “It's my first time walking normally. The first few days it was just kind of bent over, walking slowly.”
 Daniel Briere - “It's not something we look forward to, going down two goals, but that happened three times on the road the last couple of weeks. To win those games is pretty impressive.”
 Daniel Briere - “It's just the same. It's just not going away. It's not improving. It hasn't been worse than it was since the Pittsburgh game, but it's not getting better, either, so that's the frustrating side.”
 Daniel Briere - “It says a lot about the players in this room, the organization. Going through all the injuries that we have this year, I don't think anybody could have predicted that we'd be here today at 104 points and 49 wins.”
 Daniel Briere - “It fired up our will when we heard things like the more the series went on, the tougher it would go for us. Those were just motivation points for us.”
 Daniel Briere - “I think it went well. I saw the doctors again this morning and they both told me that it looked good. Right now it's a tough time, but at the same time I'm on the upswing. It's recovery time. And I'm happy we finally found out what was wrong and I can look forward to coming back on the ice.”
 Daniel Briere - “You can see it in his look and his preparations. He's not looking around for answers anymore. He just knows what he has to do. It comes from maturity, it comes from playing well lately. It's confidence.”
 Daniel Briere - “We believe we'll make the playoffs.”
 Daniel Briere - “It wasn't very hard. It was just to keep the timing and make sure we're ready to go.”
 Daniel Briere - “Having such a long losing streak, it made us take a look at everything and make sure we made the adjustments. Hopefully, we realize that. I really meant it when I said, 'This is going to make us a better team.”
 Daniel Briere - “I think we're sitting in a good position. I don't think we have a team right now to win the Stanley Cup, to be honest with you, but we have a lot of room under the salary cap, and we can make some moves.”
 Daniel Briere - “With Miro being a superstar, you need a player like that in your lineup to change the luck of your offense.”
 Daniel Briere - “You lose a couple games and you think it's bad luck and it'll come back, but with such a long losing streak, it made us take a look at everything again and make sure we make the adjustments before the playoffs. I really meant it when I said this will make us a better team.”
 Daniel Briere - “They tell me I could rest two weeks and maybe play two, three, four games. And then I'd have to sit out another two weeks to let it heal. I can't afford to do that the rest of the year. I might as well get it fixed now and be ready for the playoff stretch.”
 Daniel Briere - “For us, it's the road to proving that we belong in the playoffs, that we can play with the best teams. We did really well the last time we played Ottawa, and now it's the next challenge. It's to prove that can play very well in Ottawa as well.”
 Daniel Briere - “We have to believe in what the organization has planned. They believed in the players we have here. They had a plan the last few years with what they were building. Not too many people believed they were right, but it's paying off now. You have to believe in them that they're going to make the right call.”
 Daniel Briere - “There's no doubt in my mind that we're going to get it turned around. We see the light at the end of the tunnel. ... There's no doubt in my mind that it's going to make us a better team and a stronger team.”

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