My Favorite Quotes
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 Tracy Brigden - “He's working really hard. What's really cute is, half the time, he can't hold still. He's literally dancing in his chair with his hands over his head waving around. The other day we were rehearsing this ballad he wrote called 'Everlasting Fall,' and he was crying. There was a tear. He's just really into it, really gleeful.”
 Tracy Brigden - “We wanted to put the focus on what City Theatre does best -- the unknown, the original and the fresh. We particularly want to develop American playwrights, all of whom are in need of cultivation and homes. ... These are three fantastic writers at different points in their careers.”
 Tracy Brigden - “It's not going to make money. It's not meant to make money. We charge 5 for each reading. That barely pays for coffee, programs and ushers.”
 Tracy Brigden - “For the audience it's a chance to be in on the ground floor of the new play process -- to learn how the magic happens.”
 Tracy Brigden - “It's really a chance for playwrights to get to hear their plays read and to hear actor, director and audience reaction.”