My Favorite Quotes
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 Art Briles - “He has come out of some great programs and he's been on some great defenses. He was at Alabama four years ago when they were No. 1 in the nation (defensively). He coached the secondary there. And he has great experience. He's been doing it the right way for a long time.”
 Art Briles - “The quarterback part, to me, is secondary to him as a person. His background, being from West Texas, tough, unselfish, not spoiled ... he's a can't-miss guy, in my opinion.”
 Art Briles - “We appreciate their loyalty and thank them for what they've done at the University of Houston.”
 Art Briles - “Everything was clicking on both sides of the ball. ...and I think we rode the wave of momentum for a while. Then we kind of fell into a lull. We have to understand that we have to be good on every play.”