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 Shannon Kleibrink - “We like to get five players in the match when we can, so we decided to give Amy a little break.”
 Shannon Kleibrink - “Having had the two weeks we've had, the bronze feels like gold to us. I'm so glad we finally brought our 'A' game.”
 Shannon Kleibrink - “They scored three points, but we really should have had a couple more on the board. We really feel good about that game. They're a good team.”
 Scott Linebrink - “He threw only 10 pitches. If he had been out there laboring through a long inning, backing up the bases, you hate to think what would have happened.”
 Adolph Brink - “We got lazy moving the puck.”
 John Mesenbrink - “It wasn't like our guys didn't fight hard. Our effort was there. They just had a little too much for us. They deserved to win. There were those four close matches, but other than that, I thought they dominated us.”
 John Mesenbrink - “Our athletes continue to rise to the challenge every time they step on the mat. They are definitely turning in their best performances of the season. We will have an impressive contingent of kids representing us at the state tournament. I'm excited to see what they can get done in Madison.”
 Scott Linebrink - “It's going to take us a while to get in our groove, but we still have to figure out how to win with what we got. I think that will happen. I think this road trip is a good time to start that off.”
 Scott Linebrink - “I don't know where they are coming from with that. Paul taught me a lot in the short time he was here. He had experience and a presence. All of us were taken aback.”
 Shannon Kleibrink - “Amy, Christine, my husband and several spectators all got really sick. It didn't affect me, thank goodness. We don't think it was food poisoning. It was a bacterial infection that lasted the entire time we played.”
 Shannon Kleibrink - “She had to sit every time she swept hard. It was a big fight for her just to be in the game.”
 Ed Brink - “I'd say 'focus, focus, focus' so many times they probably got sick of it. But that's how we did things, and how we do things with the golf tournament.”
 Scott Linebrink - “You guys saw him take Billy Wagner. I can't throw as hard as Billy. He's going to hit a fastball. You face him enough times, sooner or later he's going to get everybody.”
 Scott Linebrink - “You face him enough times, he's going to get everybody. He's one of the greatest hitters in the game. You always have a little more adrenaline when it's Bonds. He's so deadly. He's got such a quick bat. The only chance you've got is to pitch him away.”
 John Mesenbrink - “Our kids were very focused and very tenacious today. Our guys had 12 pins for the day. I thought our seniors really did well. All three of those guys did great jobs for us.”
 Alex Brink - “I've already won a couple games in the Pac-10. It's nice to get the first win and come out and improve. At the same time, I think I'm going to look at film and know that there's things I need to work on, which is a good thing.”
 Jeff Brink - “But we're proving them wrong right now and I'm proud of how hard these kids have worked. It's nice to be winning and beating good programs like Canfield and Poland.”
 Shannon Kleibrink - “One of those things we'll be able to laugh about in 20 years.”
 Scott Linebrink - “Pitching in games that are tight like this, it just seems to do wonders for you. It feels familiar, because that's what you did last year. Every time you go out there, it's a clutch situation. You just try to harness that adrenaline and put it toward getting people out.”
 Dave Piepenbrink - “The ball was really coming out of his hand well. I don't think his arm strength is built up quite enough, but he said he had no pain. He just needs some more time on the mound. It was good to see him back out there.”
 Scott Linebrink - “Let's hope we don't go another 15 days again to give him the same opportunity.”
 Randy Honebrink - “We've always tried to reduce the number of people getting bit by sharks through education and awareness. We try to get our safety tips out through our Web site and in publications.”
 Tobias Brambrink - “This is very encouraging because it says that in mice we don't find any abnormalities, so then it is very likely that the human lines are normal, too, but it is still something that has to be done formally.”
 Tobias Brambrink - “This is actually really good news.”
 Randy Honebrink - “People should always as much as possible stay close to where they can get help. But that's not in the nature of people.”

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