My Favorite Quotes
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 Thomas Brinkman - “I hope no kid or adult has to go through what I'm going through.”
 Paul Brinkman - “We have been trying to hold tuition down as much as we can, but the Utah Legislature has changed a bit and there isn't enough money for state institutions.”
 Thomas Brinkman - “We hit this embankment. The car flipped over twenty-one times.”
 Paul Brinkman - “This year they kind of got down to the wire and most of what we asked for besides fuel and power did not get funded. We're caught in kind of a dilemma. We've got to defend the quality of the university.”
 Raymond Brinkman - “It's a very exacting science because you have to have the right serial number for each savings-bond buyer.”
 Thomas Brinkman - “Car flipped over on him - waist on up - flipped on me - waist on down - broke my back in three places. In a fraction of a second, I woke up in a shock trauma unit. I had tubes coming out of me. I couldn't move. I was paralyzed from the waist down.”
 Thomas Brinkman - “You always think parents don't know. Parents know a lot more than you think they know.”
 Thomas Brinkman - “Basically, I built a prison around myself. It's my own doing. I made that decision.”
 Raymond Brinkman - “Patriot bonds (proceeds) don't go directly to support the war on terror. Congress just wanted to issue them in recognition of the war on terror. It was part of the emotional make-up of the country at the time.”
 Raymond Brinkman - “We established a track record with the Treasury that allowed us to get the business.”