My Favorite Quotes
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 Great Britain - “Andrea Tafi was the winner of the first professional bike race my wife and I ever saw in 1997 and so is very special to us. We have watched him race many times since, either on TV or at the roadside in Europe.”
 Great Britain - “We realized, rather than go to the next level of garage rock, there was a whole other world out there,”
 Great Britain - “Pretty much every player I started playing with eight or nine years ago will have gone,”
 Great Britain - “To call it red would be doing a disservice to the brightest scarlet, and to call the air blue in his team meeting room would be doing likewise to the deepest turquoise. Let's just say the door was closed and there were no women present, ... How can you give a bollocking positively We'll see if I've managed it tomorrow. There's things that were going on that will remain between ourselves.”
 Great Britain - “vigilant in all parts of the country, and especially in the vicinity of potential terrorist targets.”
 Great Britain - “The organisers have done a fantastic job all week given the volume of traffic we have in this country but the UCI (International Cycling Union) have certain standards and at the moment they aren't meeting them.”
 Great Britain - “one country, two systems.”