My Favorite Quotes
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 Eude Brito - “They are going to throw a big party for me at the end of the season and give me a gift.”
 Eude Brito - “I thought it was a strike.”
 Eude Brito - “Winter ball isn't as important as this. Everybody is going to be watching these games. I'm going to do my best there.”
 Eude Brito - “Everywhere I go, people know me because I played winter ball in the Dominican. I heard it everywhere. This is cool, too.”
 Eude Brito - “(Henderson) knows me. He can tell whether I'm doing something wrong or right.”
 Eude Brito - “They gave me the ball because they believe in me. I have to take the opportunity. I have to give my best.”
 Eude Brito - “I need to take this opportunity.”
 Eude Brito - “They trust me right now. I believe in myself too that I can pitch. I'm trying to give my best to the team winning. We are in the race right now, close to the wild card. We think we can make the playoffs. If they give me the ball, it's because they believe in me.”
 Eude Brito - “I just got my mind ready to go, make quality pitches and get people out.”
 Eude Brito - “That's good. I'll give him three sliders in a row, right down the middle. You can't mess around with Bobby. If you do, he's going to take you deep.”
 Eude Brito - “Sometimes I don't give enough credit to pitchers.”
 Eude Brito - “I just relaxed myself and tried to be in control.”