My Favorite Quotes
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 Leon Brittan - “charts a path towards a longer-term solution through amendment of the Helms-Burton Act.”
 Leon Brittan - “We, in our own quite independent way, have pushed for more democracy in Cuba. We have done so on the basis of contact with Cuba, rather than isolation of Cuba,”
 Leon Brittan - “We remain ready to cooperate with the U.S. (officials) in accelerating a (WTO) panel provided that they make clear that they are abandoning the unilateral route and respect the rules and procedures of the WTO,”
 Leon Brittan - “It cannot be right to jeopardize relations between the EU and United States because you get an answer a few weeks after the time you want it,”
 Leon Brittan - “My message to the United States is a simple one use the WTO system, but do not expect us to bend it to suit a timetable that you are seeking to impose by means of illegal unilateral action,”
 Leon Brittan - “For the United States to take such unjustified action against the EU is a particularly grave error of political judgment ... If the United States persists with such unilateral action, the EU will have no choice but to take rapid steps to challenge it in the WTO.”