My Favorite Quotes
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 Carl Brizzi - “It came up as, 'Oh, by the way, did you know Ralph was sitting as a pro tem (judge) in this case,'”
 Carl Brizzi - “My personal philosophy is that we don't discriminate, ... We put it in writing because it became an issue. Literally, nothing has changed.”
 Carl Brizzi - “This is something that literally devastates children's lives and this happened over the course of several years. But for the fact that he was going to marry another person who had another young daughters, this might not have been reported.”
 Carl Brizzi - “That's money that we're not paying to have a legitimate police presence in those areas. They are out making arrests, keeping order.”
 Carl Brizzi - “I'm just focused on what I'm doing. I think when people are willing to contribute money, it gives me satisfaction that they think we are doing a good job.”
 Carl Brizzi - “There was an e-mail that he sent to another woman. It was a bizarre e-mail, talking about talking to people in heaven and some other things that I'd rather not get into.”
 Carl Brizzi - “If not this case, then what, in terms of applying the death penalty The death penalty was designed for people like Royal Amos.”
 Carl Brizzi - “We don't believe it was a one-time thing. Before the boyfriend entered into the picture, this little girl didn't even have a cold. After he had prolonged exposure with the girl, she suffered a broken thumb. She suffered injuries to her leg and ultimately, these injuries that resulted in her death.”
 Carl Brizzi - “If a crime occurs in the house and the house is not secure, the next step would obviously be to actually prosecute them for failing to abide by the statutes.”
 Carl Brizzi - “This could help convince some of the people on the fringe, who are not hard-core about not paying child support, that we aren't kidding around,”